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Resident Evil: Revelations HD – Demo Impressions - Analog Addiction

Resident Evil: Revelations for the home consoles and PC is an HD update to the once exclusive 3DS version. Here are a few of our impressions from its recently released demo. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Wii U, Xbox 360)

jcnba28  +   473d ago
The demo was good but did anyone else notice the the dead zones on the analogue sticks? The aiming felt a bit off.
Kamikaze135  +   473d ago
On the Wii U it was a pretty serious issue. Aiming felt off and it was hard to get precise aiming without fighting with the control stick. I also played the PC demo with the 360 controller and the deadzone wasn't an issue at all. Not sure if the problem is also on the PS3 and 360 versions of the game.
jcnba28  +   473d ago
I just tried the demo on PS3 and the aiming seems better. I hope they fix the Wii U version because I've already ordered it online..
Haules  +   473d ago
They almost did it, the atmosphere was there in the first few minutes and then the monsters showed up and ruined everything. Why the hell can't they just go back to being scary? Also, the item scanner and on-screen button prompts are obnoxious as hell.
Captain Qwark 9  +   473d ago
i really enjoyed it, felt like the closest we have had to a real RE in many years
fardan85  +   473d ago
The Demo was way too short to judge on it, but I've noticed few things. The aiming is little bit crappy, the button prompts felt kind of broken.
It seems little bit promising but I got burnt by capcom twice with RE6 + 5. So I'll wait little bit on this, probably get it used.
GABRIEL1030  +   473d ago
49.99 USD is a lot of money for a recicled game, in the demo all the scenarios are repetitive, the enemy AI is awful and the graphics are ugly. I prefer buy Grid 2, Metro Last Light or Mass Effect collection.
Dmd  +   473d ago
Yeah, judging from videos alone (since I couldn't try it yet), metro seems really tense and scary. It looks like the action-horror of the moment for me. Revelations doesn't seems too bad either, but I'm in no rush for that one, so I'll just wait for a big price drop.
yugovega  +   473d ago
I miss the terrible camera angles and mood of the originals. they can even bring it back with the tank controls and it'd be better then 6. this almost grabs the mood but lacks the survival. why can't we have a storage chest and safe houses again? and would it be too hard to just start a game with zombies and slowly bring in mutants?
gantarat  +   473d ago
Go back play classic Resident Evil problem solve.
yugovega  +   473d ago
that is true but whats wrong with wanting a new game mad the same? cod, halo, god of war, uncharted. they all are sequels made the same. re needs that too.
neogeo  +   473d ago
Problem NOT solved. The reason is I have gone back and play the classics 10000000000000 times. They get old after a while. We need a new scary RE game.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   473d ago
Now that the line between survival horror and action shooter are blurry as hell, theirs nothing that really separates them at all except for character and enemy design and even those are lacking.

All we get are "grey games" that bear no identity.
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tigertron  +   473d ago
I really enjoyed the demo, it felt like Resident Evil. This could well be one of my favourite Resi games. What RE5 and 6 should have been.
gantarat  +   473d ago
Main Problem Horror game on console nowaday is people buy action game than horror game .
look Silent Hill,Alone in the Dark ,Fatal Frame, Siren (ps3) Bla bla bla All of Them Completely death Becasue Sold very bad.
If The Evil Within From Shinji Mikami Sold very bad too Horror genre on Console official death.
tigertron  +   473d ago
I sort of get the gist of what you're saying, but I don't see the relevance to my post.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   473d ago
No, horror genre will not go anywhere. If it is, then why are indie devs bother to create horror games?? outlast, amnesia, the forest, until dawn, asylum etc. Hey I buy horror games just as much as action games. I support both and so does every other gamer that I know. The correct statement would be, "Horror games is going to be a rare genre"
aDDicteD  +   473d ago
i liked the demo plus the positive feedbacks from the fans who had played it makes me feel confident that this will be good.
1upgamer99  +   473d ago
I really like the demo, and I will be getting it for Wii U. There is no way I would pick it up for my PS3, and that is because it is made for 2 screens...It will be okay on other consoles, but not as good as Wii U.

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