Gran Turismo 6 Has 7 New Tracks, 1200 Cars & Improved Engine

NowGamer: "Gran Turismo 6 is due to be announced later today, but a leaked press release seems to confirm its existence and a bunch of new details.

It's widely expected that Gran Turismo 6 is due to be announced at some point today, but a press release leaked by another website seems to provide some of the details ahead of this official Gran Turismo 6 announcement."

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DaveyB1557d ago

Only 7 new tracks?
Given that this game only surfaces once every 150 years - that strikes me as being a little... slight...

papashango1557d ago

so how many cars are gonna have the crap cockpit view?

abzdine1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

only premium cars and i hope more variety and no season dealers

LAWSON721557d ago

Hopefully alot of them because that is the only way I drive in race games, if hardly any have it I am more than happy to go back to forza 4

Autodidactdystopia1557d ago

Man I Love GT.

I buy a playstation everytime a gt comes out.
just to play it.

Its just a fun game and It gives you SO much shit to do.

hazardman1557d ago

I like the cockpit view. To me its how sims are meant to played. But that could just be me!!

Blackdeath_6631557d ago

many people like the cockpit view works really well with the steering wheel too. i guess drive club will be able to provide that since it is a first person racing game but still GT6 should still have the cockpit view

MrBigjules1557d ago

I really hope so because the cockpit view was, ultra shite, don't get me wrong the real cockpit and cars where Great. As for 6 lets hope it dont take sony too long.

love GT5

love FORZA 4

Larry L1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I can't race in interior view, it's distracting and throws off the realism for me. Like, whose arms are those? I know they're not mine, so it messes me up. If I had an actual racing rig where I could have a real wheel and my real arms in front of the one in the game, then I could use cockpit view. I'll use interior offline sometimes just to see it, but to actually race hard, I have to use bumper cam or hood cam (GT5 doesn't have hood cam, I hope it's in GT6).

But I don't think the simplified interior view would be that bad if the car's body just weren't invisible for some strange reason. Where's the body panels? Am I driving Wonder Woman's invisble jet? The bodies are there in the PSP GT's same simplified cockpit view. I think they forgot to code it in or something.

Know what I notice?, why no date in the leak?

gedapeleda1557d ago

I have a feeling gt6 will be a disappoint.
Old gt4 and gt5 models with a few new ones.And a lot of new models are just same car diffrent livery.
Also high emphasis on dlc.

MikeMyers1557d ago

Awesome game but they need to make all cars premium models. I'd also like to see more than just 7 new tracks included in the game. I suggest they lower the amount of cars, have them all premium models, and have all new tracks. Then sell the old tracks as DLC.

deafdani1557d ago

I think a lot of people misunderstood your comment. You aren't saying the premium cars' cockpit view is crap, you're talking about the so-called "cockpit view" of the standard cars, which is only a pretty shitty black generic outline, right?

papashango1556d ago


that's correct.

Divine1556d ago

im soooo excited for this game it is onre of the best driving simulators out . and im still playing gt5 i cant wait. its especially insane with the wheel .

kneon1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@Larry L

I also seldom use cockpit view, I know it's intended to feel more realistic but in fact it feels less realistic than the full screen view.

Maybe if I were sitting 3 feet from a 60 inch screen it would be ok but from a more typical distance it feels more like you're driving from the back seat.

The full screen view gives a view closer to what you get when sitting behind the wheel. The dash and side pillars are far too prominent in the cockpit view, in real life they are off in the periphery and barely noticed unless you deliberately look at them.

Divine1556d ago

please give me free roam GT

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Minato-Namikaze1557d ago

Look at GT's history again. But it does have a track editor.

abzdine1557d ago

haters will always spit nonsense, nothing to do but to deal with it.

irepbtown1557d ago

1,200 cars, 33 tracks (71 different layouts), several thousand parts/wheels and much more to be announced.

I remember Kazunori saying around GT5's release about wanting to create a city were people could just cruise around, but it was not possible on the PS3 (at the time of course).
Maybe that will be possible this time?

Salooh1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

You guys don't get it. They created few locations that you can make tracks from them and that way they will be able to create another locations in a dlc form. So maybe they are creating a city but in slow way. Maybe then they can put them all in one 3D map and let us create tracks where ever we want or make it freeroam..

MGRogue20171557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

No.. 33 locations altogether with 71 different layouts.

It's going to be the biggest Gran Turismo title with a huge amount of content & massive play-time, that's for damn sure.

Get your pre-orders in asap.

aaron58291557d ago

Hmm... i doubt it will be only seven... If it really is 7... I'm not gonna buy it ! This is coming from a die hard GT FAN !!

coolmast3r1557d ago

Hey there, bud. I'm a die-hard GT fan too. And I'm afraid I'm gonna lose all my respect for PD...

GribbleGrunger1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Yeah, because of course the only improvement to the game will be extra tracks.

aaron58291557d ago

I know what you did...


I can live with less cars... same graphics etc... no cockpit view. "bad" sound design and layout.

I stopped playing GT5 because i was bored with the same tracks over and over again.

I'm a person who dont get DLC very often (read never). But i did buy Spa and Twin Ring Motegi for the sake of driving around new tracks... yeah yeah i know.. motegi was on GT4.. i know.

kayoss1557d ago

I swear to god this better not like a gran turismo 5 with bunch of new cars and new track and they decided to call it Gran turismo 6.
In order for it to be qualify as 6 i think it have be a major uprade from the previous.

zeddy1557d ago

did anyone think that gt5 was a little unfinished? it didnt feel like the full package or the polish of a gt game. this is why i think that gt6 will be what gt5 should have been. i highly doubt that Yamauchi would have put out a game like that unless he was pressured becuase of the time he was taking. this is why gt6 will be amazing.

mcstorm1557d ago

I have to agree. I still think GT5 feels unfinished now even after 2.0 update.

It is each to there own but for me Forza has been the must own racing game of this gen. I do think PD will bounce back with GT6 as this game means the same to Sony as Halo to Microsoft. I also feel they are making GT6 for the PS3 to make up for messing up on 5.

Larry L1557d ago

Well IDC what anyone says, Forza just isn't there on the physics/handling. In that, it's just typical racing game fair. Meanwhile that is where GT shines, and that is the most important thing for racing games.

But I do agree that GT5, as great of a racing game as it is, and I still play daily after buying it Day 1 midnight launch, is very incomplete in areas other than handling/physics and variety.

Why only a handfull of rims that you only have a small selection of for each car, and standards all have the same selection of only like 10 of those. All rims should be able to be put on all cars.

Aero parts and race conversions. It's "OK" but still limited on Premium models, but it's all basically non-existant for standards. I know what this press release says about the hundreds of aero parts on any car is possible. The over-all customisation level is just REALLY low in GT5, lower than it's been in basically every other GT aside from the PSP one.

They added NASCAR but half-heartedly. A few cars and even fewer great NASCAR tracks. WHere's Bristol at least?, GOD!!! That's an OBVIOUS one.

They added Top Gear....which I LOVE the track. Perfect recreation, and it's one of my all-time favorite tracks to race on, but why no obvious beat the Stig's PowerBoard times in the same cars? No reasonably price car challenges? It could have been SO great, but was nothing instead.

They did a great job with the Karting. It's SO fun, but between the Karts and basically every other kind of 4 wheeled racing up through NASCAR and F1 now in the game.....why no incredible Career mode where you start as a rookie in karts and work your way up through whatever kind of racing leagues you want to take in your career?

PD was GENIUS in having the online not have ranks and W/L records.....I LOVE that choice because even with the thousands of people racing online on GT5 every day, GT5 probably has about the least amount of A-Holes racing online wrecking you for every position to improve their "precious" rank and record. BUT there's a surprising lack of creativity you can have in creating cool online races considering the franchise. People kinda have to invent their own rules and races and just hope other people follow those rules. It was a good effort for their first online game though. I'm expecting more for GT6. I hope there's still no ranks though.

So yeah, I do believe GT5 to be VERY incomplete, yet I still think it's over-all, and easily, the best racing game so far this gen. Go figure. PD's worst job is still better than every other developer's best effort. PCars had a chance to top it on current gen hardware, but it took too long. It's gonna be too late to be relevant on PS3/360.

Yodagamer1556d ago

Definitely the amount of cars that looked unfinished was absurd. It took them 5 years and they didn't put the effort into the standard cars, they put a lot of cars into the game, but I would have preferred less but more detailed cars.

Jazz41081556d ago

It kind of sounds like gt 5.5.

imt5581556d ago


GT 5.5? I don't think so. Improved graphics engine, totaly new phisics ( most important for gamers who play racing games ), create your own cups, GPS track editor....

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jlukee1557d ago

There's actually 19 new tracks, in 7 new locations.