Dark Sector Blog: A Glitch in the System

Dave Kudirka, Assistant Producer of Digital Extremes, writes:

"Bugs. Missing textures, popping animations, and tech hiccups are all problems that developers encounter when trying to assemble that flawless gaming experience we strive for. But once in a while there are bugs that are so amusing, you almost feel sad to see them go. In fact Steve, our project lead, has openly admitted that the glaive was in part inspired by a bug where a projectile weapon got jammed in an enemy and continuously spawned blood particle effects to hilarious effect."

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DJ3892d ago

They should've left that one in, just for kicks.

Surviver3892d ago

That would be great to see a freaky bat out of hell enemy coming at you,
brace yourself, reload your gun.
and it kills itself with a vending machine.

CrazedFiend3892d ago

I'd be all like

OH S#!T!

OH S#!T!



PS360WII3892d ago

yeah those vending machines can be evil at times

THWIP3892d ago

...I've never seen a dev that was PROUD to show off it's game bugs. o_0

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