Ripten PC Preview: Jumpgate Evolution

Ripten writes: "In a world seemingly overrun with MMOs, Jumpgate Evolution is going to have a tough time carving its place among the big players. Developed by RedDevil and published by Codemasters Online (who also own D&D Online and LOTR Online), there is no shortage of experience behind the game, but does it deliver the loot? Or does it leave the player grinding away in the endless darkness of space? Read the full story for my impressions.

I should probably preface this report with the fact that I do not typically play MMOs. Not because I don't like them– far from it. I don't play them because I know that I would be uncontrollably pulled into the game, only to emerge some six months later with a beard, poor hygiene routines, and my family assuming I am dead.

After spending some time with Jumpgate Evolution at Codemasters Connect08 in Birmingham last Friday, I have a horrible feeling this may soon be unavoidable."

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