Xbox 720: Microsoft job listings call for "deep understanding of modern PC architecture"

OXM's Edwin writes: "Hey ho! I'm back from another Magical Rainbow Tour of Microsoft's careers site, armed with yet more snippets of insight as to forthcoming Xbox hardware. Let the between-lines reading begin."

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dirigiblebill1956d ago

Seems like it's shaping up much as rumoured. I wonder if there will be any genuine surprises at Microsoft's reveal? There weren't all that many shocks when Sony debuted PS4...

greenpowerz1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

How is the 720 being more like a PC prove that the rumors were right about the 720? I can see what you're saying if the architecture and specs were explained and the MSFT hardware skill requirement and rumors matched.

There could be nothing but surprises anything from Backward compatibility with a 360 SOC in the 720,Dual GPU *to* Game streaming service, crazy CPU, EA partner/Crytek

The article makes some far fetched claims based on general info. Linking what was requested to rumors is kind of sad and makes this xbox site look like a desperate hit seeking blog.

"manage unprecedented scale while optimizing cost/performance" and "understand the future of networking and how the network interacts with cloud-based applications"

^^^How in the world did somebody come to the conclusion this implies that the DRM always online rumors could be true?

Xboxs have always been more PC-ish, the 720 taking a bigger jump towards a PC isn't surprising at all considering they want to run all their software products on it hoping the xbox brand can help other products.

dirigiblebill1956d ago

Of course it's not definitive proof, old chap, and I never suggested as much, but the broad strokes of the story do chime with the more persistent rumours.

JoySticksFTW1956d ago

"Of course it's not definitive proof, old chap"

Dude just said "old chap"!

I don't care who you are, that's just plain awesome :D

Maddens Raiders1956d ago

trying to lure in the Mark Cerny type it seems. Hmm..

Jonty1956d ago

At the moment there's still room for some surprises. Although there's also room for MS to accidentally leak them all beforehand. Like they usually do.

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Jek_Porkins1956d ago

Every single Microsoft console has had PC architecture, Microsoft is based off PC's and software, the original Xbox was the Direct-Xbox, before being shortened to just Xbox.

This will mean developers and everyone will fawn over the next Xbox as well, happy that the next Box will be easy to develop for, and I'm just counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the future is reveled!

dirigiblebill1956d ago

"Every single Microsoft console has had PC architecture, Microsoft is based off PC's and software, the original Xbox was the Direct-Xbox, before being shortened to just Xbox."

True, but 360 runs a PowerPC setup, whereas the new console is said to be X86, which is a very common contemporary PC architecture.

I wonder if they'll mess around with the title much. I can't imagine it being anything more elaborate than "Xbox", but then again I didn't see the Wii coming either...

Plagasx1955d ago

Yea, I remember the original Xbox was running on a Custom Intel Pentium 3 processor.

B1663r1956d ago

Sounds more like positions for the next gen surface devices than xbox.

Article take down confirmed.

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