Thomas Was Alone Review- A Unique Individual I The Koalition

Garrett Glass of The Koalition writes:
Video games have presented us spectacular plots that place the stakes of the world painstakingly high, but very few are able to scale back their plots in favor of creating characters that reflect the daily personal struggles of humanity. Thomas Was Alone, an indie puzzle-platformer created by Mike Blitthel, manages to create some of the most engaging human characters in a video game I’ve ever played, and all of the characters happen to be voiceless quadrilaterals.

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dariux322038d ago

Really wonderful game. Now i am looking at Lone survivor.

jaggernaut252037d ago

Funny you should mention that game, it's another of the author's personal favorites actually!

garrettglass2037d ago

Actually, Lone Survivor is one of my personal favorites! Who knows, maybe I'll have the chance to review the upcoming PS3/PS Vita port on the Koalition.

dariux322034d ago

That would be nice. I'd like to see, what you will write and say about game, which is one of yours favorite indie work of 2012.