Auto Club Revolution Review [Capsule Computers]

Author Joshua Moris of Capsule Computers writes:

"Eutechnyx is able to deliver a product – free of charge – to the vast public. Offering a title that is free to play means that the company still needs to acquire revenue in some fashion. In this case, Auto Club Revolution caters more towards players that pay to gain instant access to prestige vehicles. Advances can be made easily by attributing real money for in-game perks and acquiring upgrades for minimal effort. However, this does deter the effectiveness the title will have on those that are strictly free to play. The community is relatively new and thus a growing membership is needed in order to maintain the game’s online persona."

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masterabbott2040d ago

interesting game, not my cup of tea but certainly people that are into it might find it interesting

ManDemon2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

It does look interesting and nothing beats a free price point, but with updates continuing for NASCAR, now Auto Club Revolution, and that new Deep Silver title Ride to Hell, I hope Eutechnyx doesn't end up spreading themselves too thin.