New photos of the huge Metal Gear RAY figure by 3A

Hideo Kojima posted a couple of photos of Yoji Shinkawa showing a prototype for a Metal Gear RAY by 3A, the company that made a large Metal Gear REX earlier. This version isn't exactly small either.

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ltachiUchiha1987d ago

That is bad azz. Need that for my mgs collection.

Nyxus1987d ago

Yeah, I'd love to have that REX as well, but it's a bit pricey...

Agent_00_Revan1987d ago

Holy crap $500! Wow, I'd really want REX, but that's a lot.

Nyxus1987d ago

I wonder if it will ship with a Liquid-Ocelot figure for in the cockpit, since the REX came with an Old Snake.

MWH1987d ago

Rex or nothing else.

kayoss1987d ago

Hmmmm I wonder what kind of brand those shoes are that he is wearing. It looks awesome.....Oh the big toy looks awesome too.