Frostbite Go, a slap in the face to Nintendo

With Frostbite Go being revealed for mobile platforms it seems EA is hellbent on developing Frosbite for every platform as long as it isn't manufactured by Nintendo.

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Shok2040d ago

The Wii U is too weak to run the Frostbite 3, or even the Frostbite 2. They can't be scaled down to run on it in the slightest.

But phones are definitely powerful enough.

Pandamobile2040d ago

Frostbite Go was most likely designed from the ground up with mobile platforms in mind. It's not going to share much with Frostbite 2/3 besides the content pipeline, workflow and name.

stragomccloud2040d ago

He's making a joke. The fact is that EA hates Nintendo with a passion right now, and they are determined to go out of their way to try to drag Nintendo down and show how they are making things for everything except Nintendo.

DeadlyFire2040d ago

Need for Speed Most Wanted U runs Frostbite 2 on WiiU just fine.

n4f2039d ago

i disagree with you i didnt know it was sarcasm
to excuse myself i put you a bubble
to everybody, if your doing sarcasm dont forget your sarcasm tad /s

Typical-Guy2040d ago

It's really weird since EA was the first to freaking hype the Wii U !

herbs2040d ago

Too bad both EA and Nintendo have there heads stuffed way up there asses. Personally I was hoping to play Battlefield 4 with motion+ wiimotes one day... I guess that's not going to happen oh well.

paul19742040d ago

yes its sad that this has become bitter and no need for EA or people like dice to be making up lies that frostbite 2 cant work on wiiu when its cpu/gpu is more powerful then xbox 360 but that system is getting a frostbite 3! dice could be made to look stupid if disney force ea to put star wars games on wii u as I understand that they will run on frostbite 3! but Nintendo need to either try and fix the relationship with EA or if thats beyond fixing then they need to counter these EA statements about the wii u being under powered as it gives fan boys extra ammo to slag off the wii u and can harm their console sales! the fact frostbite 2 is coming to mobile phones says it all really!! sad for the gaming community because we need consumer choice to keep costs down! if sony and MS dominate the market place then they and game developers have freedom to charge what ever they want to buy games! people should understand as consumers we need nintendo! imagine if sony decided that they no longer wanted to support the console market! that would just leave a monopoly of microsoft!!!

MasterCornholio2040d ago

What isn´t funny is that instead of creating engines just for the Wii U developers have decided that it isnt worth the effort and they are just abandoning the platform.

As far as i know 3 major engines will not make it to the Wii U and those are:

1. FrostByte 3
2. Unreal Engine 4
3. Cry Engine (note even though they had the Wii U running crysis EA pulled the plug on the project)

And there are rumors that the fox engine wont appear on the Wii U as well as the pantarey (modified MT framework engine) engine from capcom.

But Nintendo fans dont care about those engines because only 3rd parties use them which is why they shouldnt be worried at all.

yugovega2040d ago

can't call them major engines until games are actually made with them. you never know what company could put out the new "unreal3" doesn't have to be a major company.

DeadlyFire2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

CryEngine 3 will run on WiiU fine. EA didn't pull the plug. Crytek did themselves I believe. Its too early for them to build a game on WiiU platform. Needs people on the platform before they can sell it to someone.

Problem for Nintendo is that every game engine is built with x86 in mind for PC development. So every engine is compatible without even trying to be with PS4/X720 in a way. WiiU requires retooling the engine for a different design similar to all previous console generations which costs developers more money. Without a decent install base they will not see enough money returned to them so they don't do it. We will see it happen at some point though. Likely by 2014/2015 most major engines could be supporting WiiU or WiiU could be left in the dust. There is no way of really knowing just yet.

neogeo2040d ago

Cry Engine3 is already running on WiiU. That game is
Shadow of the Eternals

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