AMD Bills New Radeon 8970M as World's Fastest Mobile GPU

Maximum PC: Mobile gamers rejoice, for AMD hasn't forgotten about you. On the contrary, the Sunnyvale chip designer just unveiled its Radeon 8970M, which AMD claims is the fastest laptop GPU on the entire planet. And not only is it smoking fast, it's also more efficient than previous designs, which means you can expect longer battery life, according to AMD.

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newsguy1918d ago

who here has an amd card?

Bigpappy1918d ago

I do. Had it for about 5 years. Still relevant.

thebigman1918d ago

I've got a 6770m. Does a decent job at playing games. I get around 30fps with most things maxed besides AA and 45-60 on high

JKelloggs1918d ago

Me, I have an 7870 hawk, not a bad card when OCed

zeal0us1918d ago

Now if only AMD could make a good mobile CPU(not to be confuse with APU). Their APUs are able to outperform Intel's cpu's with no discrete gpu. When equipped with discrete graphics, the APU can cause problems and bottleneck the system sadly.

The MSI GX60 had a APU equipped with 7970m and the GX70 has a APU equipped with 8970m. Given the fact that GX60 had bottleneck problems due to the APU, I'm pretty sure the GX70 will have those same problems.

These APU would be great for subnotebooks but for gaming not so much (excluding casual gaming and running older pc games).

zeal0us1918d ago

Do note I'm referring to mobile APUs found in laptops. This doesn't include the APUs made for desktops or even the modified APU that PS4 will be using.
Razer would throw a high price for any of their machines(not saying Alienware wouldn't either) equipped with a 8970m gpu. I pretty sure Alienware will offer 8970m in their laptops later on this year. Since they already offer 7970m in their M17x and M18x laptops.

dcbronco1917d ago

The current APUs aren't as good as the next will be when working with discrete GPUs. The APUs being released later this year and next year will be much better. There will also be adjustments made to the GPU architecture.

Agent_hitman1918d ago

That would be ideal for Gaming laptops like RAZER BLADE or ALienware.

gamernova1918d ago

I'm a member of the green machine but AMD understands gamers. You can tell they do by the bundles. I really don't want to leave Nvidia but I will if AMD smokes em again with those awesome bundles.

NarooN1918d ago

Yeah, the Never Settle thing is brilliant marketing. You buy a decent or high-tier GPU and get over $100 worth of free games. How can you beat that?

showtimefolks1918d ago

just picked up a new desktop

xps 8500 with amd radeo HD 7570

just looking for a normal pc hopefully this card will hold up for watching movies and stuff

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