TRG's Fuse Demo Impression

TRG plays through the Fuse Demo a few times and finds a game loaded with potential. Has Insomniac found the holy grail for the buddy shooter?

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shivvy242042d ago

Yea i played the Demo and its definately loaded with Potential ! kinda reminded me of R2

xPhearR3dx2042d ago

What? The demo was absolutely terrible. I didn't feel like I was playing an Insomniac game, I felt like a was playing EA's version of an Insomniac game.

shivvy242042d ago

When I played it it definitely felt like insomniac, I reckon they should have used a better colour palette

abzdine2042d ago

felt like a very weak Vanquish clone to me.

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MilkMan2042d ago

I had high hopes for this game. I played the demo and I was expecting something a little more tactical. This thing is 100% run and gun. The latter level when you are fighting those mecha, was straight out of Vanquish.

I cant see, even with human players how you can set up any kind of co-op attacks. I was running for my life most of the time, let alone a moment to think about what strategy I was going to use and lets face it, that what the game is taunting itself as.

The AI, is a laughing joke. They do try their best to heal you, but other than that, I didn't see any "tactics" other than when I used my implosion gun, out of somewhere a bullet would come and hurt the same enemy.

As a pure shooter, its generic as it comes. As a tactical shooter (arcade) shooter, it crap.

So where exactly does this title fit?

Don't know, I'll get it when its like 15 dollars or less.
(Unless what we played is NOTHING compared to the actual game)

josephayal2042d ago

dam Insomniac , Fuse looks like a generic mess

Jek_Porkins2042d ago

Enjoyed the demo very much, looking forward to the game, hopefully the fun carries over to the retail release.

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The story is too old to be commented.