Drakengard 3′s Lead Character Is Rather Promiscuous

We recently reported that Drakengard 3’s protagonist, Zero, will have other allies aside from dragons to help fight on the battlefield. They’re male characters called “Apostles,” who we’ve briefly described. This week’s issue of Dengeki gives us a closer look. According to Dengeki, the Apostles serve the role of… satiating Zero’s sexual desires. She can also take along two of them to help out on the battlefield.

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Godmars2901837d ago

The only real thing to say:

Majin-vegeta1837d ago

Wait is this exclusive to PS3??

Godmars2901837d ago

May not even come out in the West. Will have to be imported.

Inception1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Yes, it's exclusive to PS3. And don't cross your finger yet for the localization.

banjadude1837d ago

Lol, I don't even... "Personal man things"... The old guy being the most sexually "powerful"...

CLOUD19831837d ago

The main char is HOT! so that got me sold, now I just want to see some gameplay in order to give my final "Seal of Approval" :P

Hicken1837d ago

I'll take it!

.... I guess...?

cleft51836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Quick someone notify Kotaku of this obviously sexist character. Nevermind that she is a strong female lead character. All that matters is the size of her boobs, please great Kotaku save us uninformed, ignorant masses from this male power fantasy.

On a side note, it's actually really cool that you do have this strong lead character that has a great deal of sexuality. Far to many lead or AI female characters are either saints or overly sexualized looking without any actual sex. This is sort of like a harem game, only the woman is the lead with her pick of men. Interesting concept.

Inception1836d ago

If you play some visual novel targeted for female audience (it called Otome game), this kind of stuff aren't new. But i applause how brave SE / Access Games to brought this stuff for a mainstream game.

So it's interesting to see what reaction from the mainstream gamer and especially the gaming media like feminazis kotaku who always imposed their idea about a strong lead female characters without selling their tits / ass.