Here’s A First Look At The Eevee Nintendo 3DS XL

A Japanese Twitter user MarvicaFii has snapped the first shot of the rumoured Eevee themed Nintendo 3DS XL console. The limited edition console will be available to win in a special lottery tomorrow which is being conducted by the Pokemon Centre. The winners in the lottery will then be able to purchase the system for 18,880 yen.

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Snookies121801d ago

Good lord those brown, creme, and white stripes look bad together... o_o

3-4-51800d ago

Really? Those are classic 60's colors and they work well together.

The human eye can perceive around 5 million colors...

expand your mind.

PSNintyGamer1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

If I dip it in the water, will it evolve into a vaporeon?

M-M1800d ago

No, but if you choose to do so then you'll be getting a Jolteon effect.

DivineAssault 1801d ago

Gonna be worth some good money

LightofDarkness1800d ago

Ugh, it looks like wall paper from the 60s. Not a good look.

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