Warhammer Online: Career Opportunities

Creating an MMO isn't an easy job under any circumstances. Regardless of the area of gameplay -- terrain design, quests, loot tables, UI, back-end support -- all of them have a host of perils and pitfalls that can ruin the eventual player experience. Even so, no area of gameplay comes in for as much scrutiny as class design and balance. Players will accept a certain level of bugginess in quests, some misspeliings in text and an occasional terrain bug, but any and all perceptions of "class imbalance" are met with howls that can be heard all the way from Cathay to the Phoenix Throne. During GameSpy's day-long excursion into the world of Warhammer Online one of their breakout sessions with designers Josh Drescher and Adam Gershowitz discussed the way Mythic is approaching the daunting task of balancing 24 different career tracks.

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