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GR: Sanctum 2, the sequel to the original Sanctum (duh), is truly one of a kind. Taking two of the industry's most popular, and arguably overused, genres of today and melding them into one creates something not only wholly fresh and unique, but also deeply complex and multi-layered. While it isn't without its fair share of flaws, Coffee Stain Studios' follow-up to the original Sanctum is unlike anything else out there and, for that very reason, shouldn't be overlooked.

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ftwrthtx1532d ago

Sounds like a game I want to try out.

alexcosborn1532d ago

If you like tower defense then this will likely be up your alley :)

dbjj120881532d ago

Maybe I'll try the demo.

TrendyGamers1532d ago

I'll definitely try the demo.

alexcosborn1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

It's totally worth giving a shot.