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The Super Retro Trio looks to streamline your nostalgia gaming experience (Examiner)

There are plenty of third party 8 and 16 bit hardware on the market. Retro-bit looks to stand out by releasing the Super Retro Trio and Super Retro Adapter for Game Boy Advance games. (Casual games, Retro, Tech)

MadMen  +   620d ago
The Retron 5 will stomp this thing.
rataranian  +   620d ago
Indeed. One does not simply copy the R5 and win.
Feldman9000  +   620d ago
i'm secretly hoping to have this and a sega cd drive, and also 32x compatibility
papashango  +   620d ago
nostalgia comes from blowing the dust out of your cartridges.
MadMen  +   618d ago
Happy to see that sentence ended with cartridges...

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