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Pokemon X and Y - 27 things you need to know | GamesRadar

GamesRadar - Pika Pika! There's a new Pokemon game!

Well it's about time. The next core series Pokémon game has been announced–Pokemon X & Y will be released worldwide this October for the 3DS. And guess what? It looks pretty darn cool. (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

jakmckratos  +   806d ago
I just hope there's 100ish pokemon...the best part(and really only reason to have new games) is making a team mostly out of the regions offerings..I have literally liked everyone they have showed off so far. I still want an Ice type wolf, an electric cheetah, a fire/dark tiger, a rock/ghost gargoyle and a water/psychic dolphin
kirbyu  +   806d ago
How about a Fighting/Electric Chocolate Bar?
arjman  +   805d ago
Those suggestions sound pretty awesome, I'd love to see a cheetah pokemon and a true tiger pokemon!

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