GT6 On PS3: Why It’s A Good Idea

The rumoured GT6 for PS3 makes more sense than you think. Here's why.

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Knight_Crawler1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Very bad idea by Sony...GT is a console seller and would be huge if it was a PS4 launch game.

The PS4 will sell good even without GT6 but I know people who own a PS just for GT so this would have really boosted the PS4 sales.

Sony needs to make wise decisions with the PS4 as they cannot have another PS3 fiasco.

1960d ago
Fergusonxplainsall1960d ago

I want it all on PS4 too but if it does just come out for PS3 and Vita, then for sure in the future we will see it on PS4.

We do get Driveclub which should be great.

Tapioca Cold1960d ago

Just do both. Then these lame journalists can't give us reasons why it's good or not. No one really cares. Do they?