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Submitted by Relientk77 931d ago | podcast

Podcast Beyond: How Xbox Steals PS4's Thunder

IGN - PlayStation. Does the word send a chill down your spine? Does it caress your senses with wave upon wave of irresistible pleasure? No? Do you like PlayStation? Then you're certainly in the right place. Welcome to Podcast Beyond, your link to the IGN crew that pushes news, opinions and utter hilarity straight to your ears (and subsequently, your brain). (PS4, Xbox One)

Knight_Crawler  +   931d ago
Sony's PS4 reveal was good but forgettable and did not have much impact on the gaming industry...Sony will try to steal some of MS thunder by revealing GT 6 for the PS3 and Vita but dont think anyone outside the PS fanbase will care.

I am not sure if it is the 1 million rumor articles that have been posted on N4G about the 720 or the fact that we know nothing official about the nextbox, but the hype level for the next gen XBOX is over 9000!

On May 21 you can either gloat with happiness and excitement or you can moan and jump out of a window with hatred.
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Jek_Porkins  +   931d ago
It's all the negative rumor articles that have got peoples interest. I kept saying that there is no bad publicity, and Microsoft did the smart thing by not panicking and sticking with their plan.

Now the ball is in their court, what we do know is that Microsoft will spend limitless money on advertising and we'll be seeing next Xbox everywhere, television, movies and magazines.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   931d ago
The sad part is Journalists were ready to ride off MS completely because MS refused to talk and fanboys calling MS scared.

The past 3 months gamers and journalist were clamoring for MS to talk and debunk all the bad rumors. And now that MS finally stamped a date we're seeing a few articles saying "Meh, on MS conference" "It's no surprise now."

I understand Sony nailed the surprise factor but for 3 months people are whining about MS not talking and now that they are its "meh."

I don't get people on the internet.
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MysticStrummer  +   931d ago
"I am not sure if it is the 1 million rumor articles that have been posted on N4G about the 720 or the fact that we know nothing official about the nextbox, but the hype level for the next gen XBOX is over 9000!"

Since many of those rumor articles were negative, I guess you'll agree that the number of anti-Sony articles on this site for years translates to incredible support for Sony.

Up is down.

Black is white.


"On May 21 you can either gloat with happiness and excitement or you can moan and jump out of a window with hatred."

A third option would be to forget about it until the next time you happen to see some gaming news. Many more people will do this than either of your options.
Blastoise  +   931d ago
"Sony's PS4 reveal was good but forgettable and did not have much impact on the gaming industry"

If you say so...

All I know is the PS4 is sounding epic and besides the no backwards compatibility it's ticking all the boxes.

I think most of the buzz around the next Xbox is finally getting confirmation if the always online rumours are true or not
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   931d ago
Haha oh man.I've never seen anyone try to spin shit into gold like knight crawler just did.
PeaSFor  +   931d ago
"Sony will try to steal some of MS thunder by revealing GT 6 for the PS3 and Vita but dont think..."

its not like it was the 15th year anniversary of GranTurismo eh?
oh wait..... IT IS.
BattleAxe  +   931d ago
The Playstation reveal was really good, and I disagree that it was forgettable.

Things that stuck with me after Sony's conference:

- New Playstation Controller
- GaiKai and what they are looking to implement on PS4
- Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Exclusive Destiny DLC
- Drive Club
- Infamous: Second Sun
- 4K Movie Resolution

Part 2 is yet to come, and there's no doubt that they will save the best for last.
Skips  +   931d ago
"Sony's PS4 reveal was good but forgettable and did not have much impact on the gaming industry"

LMFAO! Yea, just ignore the mountains of devs who literally have NOTHING BUT PRAISE for the PS4! XD

Because in YOUR world, GAME DEVELOPERS don't play a major part in the GAMING INDUSTRY. /s XD

Holy CRAP! So much spinning you're trying to do, I just might get dizzy... lol

"I am not sure if it is the 1 million rumor articles that have been posted on N4G about the 720 or the fact that we know nothing official about the nextbox, but the hype level for the next gen XBOX is over 9000!"

I don't think rumors of being spied on, always online, blocking used games, cable box focus, Kinect required (AKA NEGATIVE RUMORS) etc. etc. amount to the kind of hype Microsoft wants...

That's like saying a candidate for president wants to have negative rumors spread about him just before elections, just for the sake of publicity... -_-
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OlgerO  +   931d ago
Thats not the case for me. I couldnt sleep for a week before the PS4 announcement. Which was in part due to getting a first look into the next gen. thats not the case anymore now we already have so much information. That doesnt mean that im not very curious about the next xbox but nowere near PS4 levels.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   931d ago
They still haven't revealed the actual console itself. Oh and trust me there is far more for them to reveal, so much that they always reveal information before the actual event happens because they have more stuff to reveal and show demos of. But anyway I can't wait to see your reaction when MS will be shoving down kinect 2 down your throat and how great of a roku box it also is.
True_Samurai  +   930d ago
Can't even take you serious because of your name
KimiRaikkonen  +   930d ago
Lol kinect 2.0 when all Sony showed was sequels to games that don't even sell. More killzone and infamous.
3-4-5  +   930d ago
Forgettable it was not. I've never even owned a Sony console but it got me excited for it's potential and what that means for the gaming industry as a whole.

I don't pick sides...everything serves a purpose, and I would hope Microsoft is smart enough to understand that and not try to trash Sony.

I want Microsoft to focus on their own company and not do the whole corporate thing and go arrogant on us, and start trashing Nintendo and Sony.
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ichimaru  +   931d ago
ps4 had some considerable thunder considering its reveal was 3 months ago. it's natural for hype to die but I think the reveal made a lasting impression. now it's time fir MS to shine and get there thunder rolling
MysticStrummer  +   931d ago
Can thunder be stolen this long after the event? I've always thought of stealing someone's thunder as an almost simultaneous event, or at least very soon after, that detracts from whatever they did or said.

Aceman18  +   931d ago

gaming media if you can call them that always says crap to get hits.
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greenpowerz  +   931d ago
PS4 has thunder that amounts to anything? people know very little about Sony's PS4 offerings and nothing about the Xbox and MSFT's plans for it.

This is the calm before the storm and the storm gets here in 7 days and won't move on until after next gen consoles launch. PS4 reveal was nothing more than people smelling the rain in the air wondering if it's going to rain.

Any hype PS4 had has more to do with the notion of superior consoles bringing next gen than what Sony actually showed or boasted about. Current gen hardware had the media craving something new hense the little hype PS4 got until the media focused on the 720 soon after the PS4 reveal(almost the entire time inbetween)

In 7 days things will get real...

Until people actually see two finished consoles with finished features, system software, hardware capability, services and price and release date hype in any given time before what I said above doesn't amount to horse dung...

Some console companies have been known to consistently exaggerate console capability and offerings so real world hype "thunder" is T.B.D.



More stories over an unannounced console from the media than a announced one, even getting more attention on a pro Sony site than PS4. N4G's community seeking out xbox news they can use for damage control and blocks and censors the good articles. People wan't to see what the consoles can offer in detail and can careless about issues or topics exaggerated by folks on forums with agendas
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   931d ago
3 months later and you are still talking about PS4 daily.Every gaming site on the web talking about it, Essentially every dev in the industry has spoken about it and had nothing but praise.

Even late night game demos on Jimmy fallon.3 months later, and the hype train is still rolling.All without even showing the console yet.Can you imagine E3? My god!
Blastoise  +   931d ago
"PS4 reveal was nothing more than people smelling the rain wondering if it's going to rain"

What are you actually talking about?

...Yeah, nice edit lol
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WeMilk   931d ago | Spam
M-M  +   931d ago
Thanks for the laugh.
smashcrashbash  +   931d ago
Yeah no matter how much you try to pretend that the negative attention was good for Microsoft won't make it so.It's still a stupid thing to say.The negative attention wasn't good for the PS4 but somehow people have spun it that the negative attention the next Xbox got is good for it.If any PlayStation fanboy said that about all the bad rumors they said about the PS4 they would never have accepted it and would have called it 'damage control'.I imagine that most Xbox fans are aching from not having anything to boast about for so long while others already have the PS4 and Wii U consoles to boast about so in the mean time you have to make up stories and try to get back some pull by stepping all over another console with a yet to be announced one.

So can you stop it please? It's getting annoying.The PS4's thunder isn't stolen. They already got their point across, have people who are supporting for them,we know what games they are going to be bringing, we know they are not fooling around and plan to get as many people on their side as possible.Developers are still talking about how Sony is getting it right this time and how they are happy about the way the console is built and we still awaiting price and seeing the physical console.You can't steal that.Waiting to see what the next guy is going to do doesn't mean we have forgotten that the other guy is there.If one person has a gun pointed at you and another guy shows up with a gun too doesn't mean you have forgot about the original gun that is pointing at you.So stop saying nonsense like this. You just sound pathetic and stupid and even worse desperate.
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T2  +   931d ago
Xbox fanboys (the bad ones) come in every article saying the same shit "no such thing as bad publicity" ... anyone saying that doesn't run a business, period. bad publicity can ruin your business in no time. that saying was meant for show biz, where you can be a hated moron and people will tune in to hate you and you end up with good ratings.
The ps4 had some negative press before their reveal and they turned it into good by dispelling those rumours, and more. They revealed good specs, a few games, and left enough for later (e3).. pretty much nailed it. They can build on this with a good system look, good price, and more games, and that will make ps4 a locomotive with unstoppable momentum.
This does NOT mean xbox is dead but they need to do at least the same, dispel all bad rumours while piling on a good looking system with games and features. And they will then start to build some momentum, but they are still behind and their marketing which has always been great will be vital to make up ground leading to release.
tooCLOSE  +   931d ago
Xbox is going to have to work hard to steal anything from PlayStation in my case. I'm thinking about downsizing and having only one console this next generation.
Biohazard8860  +   931d ago
Still getting a PS4 so i could really give a crap about the next xbox hoping they surprise me.
Belking  +   931d ago
Then you do give a crap.
Biohazard8860  +   931d ago
I used to game on xbox so just a lil bit they will have to surprise me to get me to buy one.
T2  +   931d ago
I'd get an xbox maybe a year later after a price dump though...
sak500  +   931d ago
Bet PS4 will get a price cut sooner than an xbox. PS3 had massive price cuts and were given free with Sony TVs.

I'll probably pass PS4 like i passed ps3.
Williamson  +   931d ago
The ps4 is already a must buy for me and will end up as my main console. I'll get a Wii u since I will want to play the nintendo exclusives. I might skip the next Xbox or grab it later on in its life. Either way it looks like the next couple of months will be interesting.
Belking  +   931d ago
Xbox720 will definitely be stealing thunder from ps4 when it is revealed next week. I expect a few surprises too.
M-M  +   931d ago
I wouldn't exactly say "steal its thunder", but it will be the main attraction until E3. After E3, both will be receiving great amounts of news.
Karpetburnz  +   931d ago
When the console is announced it will obviously be talked about for a while, but Come E3 I doubt it would steal any thunder from the PS4.

Sony's E3 conference takes place after Microsoft's so in the end People will be talking about the PS4.
dcbronco  +   931d ago
Actually the only word that sends a chill down my spine is Mufasa.

Ohhhhh. Say it again. "Mufassaaaa".
BuffMordecai   931d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Urusernamesucks  +   931d ago
Lets be realistic here.
Sonys reveal was 3 MONTHS AGO. Sure they still got some hype flowing, but comon. Its not as epic as it was back in feb 20.
N4g may pretend it happened yesterday, but not me. And the reason devs are all worked up is due to the solid reveal of specs.

Many websites eyes are on ms huge reveal. It is now their turn to shine and reclaim back Its publicity.Sure bad rumors caused some damage but after the reveal, all that damage will be Obsolete.

Ms Announcing the console specs games features and revealing the box itself ,FOR THE FIRST TIME,would Undoubtedly steal major thunder from sony.
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SonyAddict   931d ago | Trolling | show
MichaelLito79  +   931d ago
The amount of bad press MS got was disgusting. Especially since many sites ran off articles with no news from MS themselves. I am glad we are finally going to hear about the system so all the negativity can be put to rest. Can't wait till May 21st.
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airgangstarr  +   930d ago
i had anticipation for the ps4 console but they still havent showed it! i could care less about a couple of trailers not showin gameplay of there games... an a share button for what oh yea u cant hit ur middle button on ur ps an do everything u pretty much can from dashboard in game so they added a button to share a video clip .. like the ladys care if u won a trophy on ps4. but it has 8 gb of blah blah blah an some gay guy showin he has knack... FAIL! xbox is comin out swingin an sad to say i think they know theve allready won next gen hands down the uk an japan will keep ps4 compeitve but if usa didnt put ps4 on the shelves of there store like japan bans xbox it would be a landslide for xbox hands down
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strickers  +   930d ago
Exhibit A. Xbox purchaser . Makes sense
urwifeminder  +   929d ago
It wont be hard sony are not even in the same ballpark.

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