Super Metroid available on the Wii U eShop May 15th for $0.30

Nickerous writes, "The SNES classic, Super Metroid, will be available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop tomorrow, May 15th, for the bargain price of 30 cents. When Nintendo announced the Famicom 30th Anniversary line up of games for the Wii U Virtual Console, many gamers (including me) immediately targeted Super Metroid for download."

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PopRocks3591979d ago

"Hell... it's about time."

Shnazzyone1979d ago Show
BosSSyndrome1979d ago

This is the one I've been waiting for.

LightofDarkness1979d ago

Every Wii U owner should take the paltry dive and show Nintendo that this is what we want. MOAR METROYD.

Inception1979d ago

Still waiting for this game to appear in 3DS eShop ;(

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The story is too old to be commented.