King of Fighters ’99 hits the Wii eShop May 16th

Nickerous writes, "Originally released in 1999, this is the 6th installment in the King of Fighters series. This time, there is a new protagonist with an all-new story. Instead of the previous 3-member team format, now teams have 4 members, where 3 members actually fight and 1 member is designated as a “Striker”."

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THamm1677d ago

My all time favorite fighter, I love this game, and soundtrack, so much style

Kyosuke_Sanada1677d ago

This game had the best version and movelists for Kyo Kusanagi bar none.

dark-kyon1677d ago

the dreamcast version of 99 is the best,sadly that version is lost with the sega machine.

Master of Unlocking1676d ago

Meh. KOF '94, '96, '98 all the way. Great Ikari team theme though.