This Gamer’s Wishlist for Xbox Reveal Event's Dave Walsh looks ahead to next week's Xbox unveiling from Microsoft and sets forward a rather straightforward list of keys for Microsoft to make a good impression on May 21st.

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ltachiUchiha1960d ago

7 more long freakin dayz lol. Seems like the dayz are going by too slow. Almost there.

Knight_Crawler1960d ago

You know what is amazing...the fact that MS has kept a hush on the next box for so long - MS must have the Next Box secrets under a vault that is only accessible by key employees who probably live in the vault :)

Usually you get some sort of leaks this close to reveal but we know nothing about the Next Box.

ltachiUchiha1960d ago

They definitely know how to keep things from getting out. I just hope they can really bring it that way we know it will be some good competition to come next gen between the big 3. Its just a win win for all gamers.

Iltapalanyymi1960d ago ShowReplies(1)
Roper3161960d ago

I agree with all of these ponts. More time & focus on new core IP's and less Halo & Gears. They don't have to abandoned them but diversity is a good thing at least to me. These are the 2 things I am really gonna be looking/focusing on when MS have their reveal & also their E3 show.

ichimaru1960d ago

lets go!!! Sucks that its in the mourning, I have work -_-