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This Gamer’s Wishlist for Xbox Reveal Event

Explosion.com's Dave Walsh looks ahead to next week's Xbox unveiling from Microsoft and sets forward a rather straightforward list of keys for Microsoft to make a good impression on May 21st. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

ltachiUchiha  +   873d ago
7 more long freakin dayz lol. Seems like the dayz are going by too slow. Almost there.
Knight_Crawler  +   873d ago
You know what is amazing...the fact that MS has kept a hush on the next box for so long - MS must have the Next Box secrets under a vault that is only accessible by key employees who probably live in the vault :)

Usually you get some sort of leaks this close to reveal but we know nothing about the Next Box.
ltachiUchiha  +   873d ago
They definitely know how to keep things from getting out. I just hope they can really bring it that way we know it will be some good competition to come next gen between the big 3. Its just a win win for all gamers.
Iltapalanyymi   872d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Roper316  +   872d ago
I agree with all of these ponts. More time & focus on new core IP's and less Halo & Gears. They don't have to abandoned them but diversity is a good thing at least to me. These are the 2 things I am really gonna be looking/focusing on when MS have their reveal & also their E3 show.
ichimaru  +   872d ago
lets go!!! Sucks that its in the mourning, I have work -_-

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