Guerrilla’s Killzone Shadow Fall Demo Broken Down Technically

Killzone Shadow Fall, one of Sony’s big titles during its PlayStation 4 reveal, used just 3 of the system’s 8GB of RAM for video. That’s according to a new 100 page technical breakdown published by the developer today and available online.

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Sandmano1953d ago

Honestly cannot wait for this and mercenary.

ltachiUchiha1953d ago

I want to see more footage in another area, the game looks great so far.

NewMonday1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"demo offered up 60 AI characters, 940 entities, 8,200 physics objects, 500 particle systems, 120 voices and 110 ray casts"

this is important info that people mostly ignore, we argue about still pictures and some YouTube videos but forget the other elements of a game, the ram and APU of the PS4 will bring more to games than just graphics.

and looking ate the engine specs I see a potential 50% improvement from 2 factors, the available extra 4g of ram and improved HSA libraries.

ltachiUchiha1952d ago


Cant argue wit u der lol.

ProjectVulcan1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

The current game is using 3GB of memory for video and 1.7Gb for System/Shared. It is using 4.7Gb total. Obviously this build is not running on a machine where they think it only had 4Gb of memory, minus OS.

That hype that the demo only used 1.5Gb of memory....hmmmm.

We don't know what the OS overhead is at the moment either.

It is an early stage for development tools for the machine which would improve performance. Shadow fall will probably have to be finished and on the shelves before they get chance to use much better versions of Sony development tools. For example they had to create their own profilers because Sony devkit ones aren't finished yet.

Will have to wait and see what they can do with the remaining time they have before they launch the game.

Ju1952d ago

It's particularly interesting if you look at the PDF and see the KZ3 vs. the KZ:SF character models - in a still shot - that they almost appear to look the same. It is when you enable the LOD that you notice a 4x higher vertex resolution in the SF model. And with it it will look totally different in motion with cloths animating much more naturally. Animation/AI overhead will never be captures in a screen shot. But we still argue about it here.

Reibooi1952d ago

I want to see another area as well. I hope most of the game has the feeling of this area. What I mean by that it it's so colorful and different looking then you would expect Killzone to look like after playing the first 3. I love it when something tries to make it self stand out with design and art style. I'm hoping Shadow Fall is much more varied. So excited to get to play it.

sync901952d ago

Me too, hopefully we'll see some more gameplay at E3.

starchild1952d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing more as well. I have played and beaten all the Killzone games and although they aren't my very favorites I still think that they are solid and enjoyable action games.

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Belking1953d ago

"Honestly cannot wait for this and mercenary."

You can and you

pixelsword1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

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This sprinkler really beats the heat!

On topic, can't wait for the game. :D

JP13691953d ago

No idea why you got disagrees for that, I thought it was rather funny. I'll give you a bubble in an attempt to make up for the Negative Nancys.

rezzah1953d ago

ew your sprinkler is nasty

Majin-vegeta1953d ago

How about some Multiplayer info now??

Sandmano1953d ago

Really excited for the MP Im betting theyl show a MP trailer in E3, hoping for a complete overhaul.

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

Please have the same overall mechanics as Kill zone 2.

3 really was a down step from how awesome 2 was. The weight and atmosphere was just not there.

WildArmed1953d ago

Yes pleasee.
Killzone 2 played a lot better imo. Put a ton more hours into K2 than I did in K3.

Muerte24941952d ago

i really hope listen to the community this time around. So many Killzone 2 players, myself included, weren't happy with the direction Killzone 3 took. Bring back to core Killzone 2 mechanics.

LOL_WUT1953d ago

"Guerrilla say the PS4 is “really easy to program for”, the GPU is “really fast” and the speedy RAM is “awesome”. "

Nice to hear some good feedback from Guerrilla Games regarding the hardware. Sony definitely learned from past mistakes and are on a roll.

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thechosenone1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

@2:14 he chooses an overlay titled 'The Matrix'. lol Awesome.

So here we have proof that the KZ demo's intro was all in-game and not a cutscene like some people were claiming that it was. :O Thanks and +1 for the link.

M-M1953d ago

I was amazed at how they were altering the wind in real time.

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