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The Wii U: 10 Ways It Will Silence The Haters

In a rarely optimistic streak, [gamingbolt] looks into ten ways Nintendo will silence the criticism surrounding the Wii U.

Nintendo are one of the best loved companies in the games industry, a conglomerate boasting some of the most famous franchises ever played on a home games console. That said, with every new piece of hardware championed by Nintendo in recent years, there has been a whole heap of criticism leveled at the big N. Sometimes this criticism is well founded (Virtual Boy!!!!), but it has been laughable in recent years. (Culture, Wii U)

jcnba28  +   924d ago
Nintendo will never be able to silence the haters but they will continue making stellar games and that's all that matters.
lilbroRx  +   924d ago
Indeed. Haters will hate regardless. You prove them wrong on one front and they will either ignore and keep hating as if you haven't proven them wrong or find something else close by to hate.
PopRocks359  +   924d ago
I'm a fan of Nintendo and I still like the Wii U despite its current issues. But I think this list was grasping with some of its reasons. For example, I'm not sure how a second gamepad is supposed to "silence the haters."

Also, they lost me at "More Third Party Exclusives." As fans we need to draw a line somewhere. Aspects of this list are unfortunately delusions of grandeur.
bullymangLer  +   924d ago
well . .a second gamepad, or splitscreen? which do you prefer ? and ps4 with split screen still? hoh man no mammen.
PopRocks359  +   924d ago
Don't get me wrong, a second screen (or even a third with another gamepad) is a great idea! I love the concept of it, but the thing is Nintendo has to use that in a way that would appeal to other people, not just the fans.

Nintendo needs to convince people that using the gamepad is a great exclusive mechanic for one of their big core games like Metroid or Star Fox. Only then can you list the gamepad itself (or support for two of them) as a reason for owning the Wii U.
Tito08  +   924d ago
For each of those things I look at it this way.
Great Exclusives- They do have great exclusives, but my issue with Nintendo is their constant reliance with the same old Marios, Zeldas, Pokemons. & I understand they make money with those & bring some other games, but I think they should changed their ways a little & make some other new IPs.

Unique Experiences- Yeah, I guess, but that 2nd screen thing isn't something to brag about, but I give Nintendo props for adding that.

The Second Gamepad- Maybe.

Easier development- Dumb reason since PS4 & latest Xbox will be easier to develop for as well, just like 360 over the Wii, PS3 was harder, but still had strong 3rd party support, plus Wii U won't run newer engines, maybe some but not most.

Earlier Price Cuts- Can't really say much about that, it remains to be seen, time will tell, it takes more than just a price cut to be successful in this business.

More Mature Games- I agree, but it'll be hard for adult games to sell when Nintendo has that "Childish" image attached to them.

More Third Party Exclusives- I also agree, but that will be harder because most 3rd party games do not sell on Nintendo devices with the exception of a key few, I still think they'll get the least support of the 3 once again, can't really label Monster Hunter & Lego City as examples.

Indie Development Talent- Well, in that regard, it is where Sony & possibly Microsoft will shine with indy devs, so Nintendo better give them a reason for them to turn around.

Nintendo Always Turn the Tables Around- That's more in the handheld space, but console wise, not always. & author failed by using N64 & Gamecube as examples, & Virtual Boy didn't change a thing.

It’s Not As Underpowered As They Say- Well to me, the Wii U, compared to PS360, is like what the original Xbox used to be against PS2/GC. But to PS4/X.I. it is underpowered, & maybe only 1rst party Nintendo devs can only make more use of the hardware, doubt most 3rd parties will make a lot of use of it, so I think as long as PS360 is around, Wii U will be getting old/new ports or same multiplats as PS360, as in the case of Rayman, that I know Wii U is the leading console, but the PS360 together is a little more around the PS2 instal base, so those 2 won't get ignored anytime soon.
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Mapleine  +   924d ago
You know when your Wii U list involves third party exclusives and easier development (Wii U is exotic, PS4/XBox 3 are x86) you're trying too hard.

Like everyone else on the planet, I bought my Wii U for a handful of Nintendo games. If you're buying this machine as a sole experience and trying to go directly to war with "haters", you're doing it wrong.
lilbroRx  +   924d ago
You are not like everyone on the planet if that's all you bought your Wii U for(assuming you actually have one). You are minority.

Me and most people I know bought ours for games like the Xenoblade sequel and Bayonetta 2.
ThePsychoGamer  +   924d ago
Really hypocritical of you to get annoyed by someone else for claiming to talk to a large group of people, when you do that all the time.

Also, Xenoblade is a first party Nintendo title, so that really doesn't help your argument.
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LOL_WUT  +   924d ago
The list was laughable at best. More mature games? Really?? LOL ;)
zippycup  +   924d ago
11. hit person over the head whit wii u
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   924d ago
I am not talking about people who make honest criticisms but-

No one can make "Haters" happy. "Haters" love to hate, they'll always find a reason to "Hate" unless you do something extraordinary.

I am not saying that Nintendo is perfect and thus, any criticism is rendered invalid- but
I am saying that in the mind of a "hater" every mistake is justification for their preconceived hate.

All companies make mistakes and those who do, are forgiven easily by fans and fair-minded people but haters use another's mistake as fine clothes and make-up.

That said, I think we all know what Nintendo needs to change-

-They can't and won't stop making WiiU and release anew system as some people have asked.-

Great Games, Better Advertisements, and 1st and 3rd party Exclusives will be the best that you can hope for from WiiU.

If that isn't enough-
Buy ANOTHER System in addition to WiiU or skip WiiU.
Dr Pepper  +   924d ago
The issue I have with the "unique experiences part" is how unnecessary it is (at least with most of the current examples). They show a scene from Blacklist using the pad to show the fiber optic camera view, even though there is no real reason for this. Every Splinter Cell game before this, while using the camera, accomplished this by putting it on the same screen, without having you break line of sight with the game. Now, a "Look at your controller" 4th wall breaker is thrown up and you have to focus on a different screen.

I'm not seeing a great gameplay improvement in this, I'm seeing something that makes the experience more of a hassle than it was before, or will be on other consoles. That's my opinion, feel free to challenge it.
imXify  +   924d ago
Wii hate being ported to WiiU. There's nothing to do imo.
brewin  +   924d ago
Nintendo may look like theyre in a bad spot now, but people are so fuckng quick to forget how bad the PS3 and 360 wrre out of the gate. Do we all just forget the RROD and software issues on those systems? The U will be fine chill the fuck out.
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GotHDGame  +   924d ago
All of the freaking "gamers" who THINK they are "gamers" bash Nintendo OVER AND OVER. Get the hell over yourselves people. Nintendo makes GREAT 1st party games. If you want to cry over very little 3rd party games. Go sit in the corner and cry, BUT Nintendo always has been first..Oh and by the way now MOST major TV makers want to, OH guess what Release TV's with a ....Oh wait for it.... TABLET REMOTE which Nintendo already has had out for MONTHS....LOL...Nintendo Is great and they think outside of the box. I LOVE Some SONY, but common...How many of you guys have even Played all of the great games on Wii....Graphics do not = Gameplay...I just get so freaking mad that you guys sit there and BASH Nintendo when Nintendo does a great job with their games...Disagree all you want, but how many of you Played all of the 8+ or 4/5 games on Wii? My gosh go out and buy them, play them and THEN make your comments...Too many of you are so closed minded, have not even played Nintendos GREAT games and all based on POWER and SPECS. The gamepad, BTW is great...Don't go into a Best Buy and think what you can do in a store is going to be ANYTHING like what you can do at home..It's Day and Night...The in store demo is STUPID. Hell most of them don't even work right.
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