Resident Evil: Revelations unlockable outfits are rather nautical

Yesterday I mentioned a small extra nugget of content would be coming to the console/PC version of Resident Evil Revelations, and that we'd be streaming it today at 11am PST. Welp, that content happens to be three brand new unlockable costumes for Jill, Chris and Keith!

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Pozzle1958d ago

Sailor Chris = me likey.

Blacktric1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

dat pirate Jill


Pozzle1958d ago

And none for Keith! :D

Blacklash931958d ago

Chris looks like he's ready to join the Village People.

tigertron1958d ago

Chris certainly has the arms to pull off the Popeye look.

nunley331958d ago

The outfit is a good match for Jill's pirate booty lol.