Lords of Shadow 2: how Konami's reinventing Castlevania yet again

OXM - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is this issue's cover story, which is also to say that right now, this very moment, a picture of an emaciated, bearded hunk with no vest is glaring broodily at some poor old lady in a newsagent somewhere. Are you man or woman enough to meet Gabriel Belmont's vampiric stare?

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BullyMangler2044d ago

very good read for all fans of CLOS.

article: CLOS2 will be bigger than the first game. But not just in terms of size. The scale of its levels are more epic, its combat system is hugely expanded and adaptable to different playing styles, and its city is a more open experience that we want people to immerse themselves in. Everything about the game is bigger, but it has to be - we have a big story to tell.

read the article for even more greatness.