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Xbox 720: The Next-Generation of Gimmicks

Gi - Clearly the big news is that on May 21, Microsoft will unveil the successor to the Xbox 360. It is an exciting time for gaming. Exciting for everyone from system and dev fanboys/fangirls to indie diehards and the handheld hardcore. The new era of gaming has either already arrived in some forms or is set to land soon in others, cementing the eighth console generation. On the verge of the next Xbox’s announcement, it is worth looking back at industry trends for an idea of what to expect in the next round of consoles, but more importantly the console gimmicks. (Xbox One)

Evil_Ryu  +   471d ago
i dont like the how the word gimmick is used in this article cause some of the stuff listed are very important
jsslifelike  +   470d ago
The biggest gimmick this gen was selling an entertainment box disguised as a first-party gaming console.
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KimiRaikkonen  +   470d ago
Would you kindly like to explain how the xbox360 is not a gaming console? It has got 90% games that run similar or better than they do on ps3. Its exclusives have better aggregate scores than ps3 exclusives on average. But still you are somewhat right, it iffers great entertainment to gamers
darthv72  +   470d ago
Just to be fair, all consoles are entertainment boxes.

The last "game" only console technically would be the gamecube. it didnt play movies or music or surf the web (officially).

hell even going back to the PS1/Saturn, those could play music and even movies on VCD.

So if you are going to poke fun at MS and the 360 then you have to give equal treatment to sony and nintendo because their systems could do more than games as well.
PigPen  +   470d ago
I don't see the harm with motion control, 3D or any other so-call gimmick. This is not the dark or stone age where you sit with just a controller and tv monitor.
Jek_Porkins  +   471d ago
A lot of those things aren't gimmicks at all, gimmicks could be considered motion controls or 3-D, but most of the other stuff are things needed for a smooth experience.
TKCMuzzer  +   471d ago
Not sure about 3-D being a gimmick, I know many will. A couple of months ago I would have agreed but since purchasing a high end TV my mind has somewhat changed. Playing games like Uncharted 3 in 3D was a great experience and the amount of depth really can absorb you into the environment, adding to the game play. The only real downside on current gen is that the resolution takes a hit and can strain the eyes but if next gen could produce 3D at full 1080 res then that could offer some great experiences.
I preferred playing Black Ops 2 single player in 3D.

I was also surprised at how much better 3D was on my TV than at the cinema.

Please note: I realise 3D quality can change dramatically on different TV's, I had only witnessed average 3D on a TV until I got my own which is an award winning set and the 3D is some of the best I've seen.
I agree though,Motion controls will always be a gimmick.

Please remember, this is just an opinion.
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Tapioca Cold  +   470d ago
Thanks for enlightening us that you are giving us an opinion. For a minute there I thought what you were saying was fact.

Side note: What TV do you have? Active or passive?

My experience with #D is terrible. 3d destroys graphics and creates ghosting to the point that playing is just not enjoyable. Uncahrted in 3D as terrible.
TKCMuzzer  +   470d ago
@Tapioca Cold
For starters, stating it was opinion was so that individuals on this website didn't take it as having a go at people who just don't like 3D and that I wasn't starting an argument so your sarcasm is not welcome.
As I have clearly stated your experiences will probably be down to the TV you were playing on. I am using the Sony KDL46HX853 (Their 2013 models are supposed to offer even better 3D). It's a great TV and the ghosting is minimal to the point of non existent. I also pointed out how good it could be if the resolution could be kept up using next gen tech. 3D does NOT destroy the graphics on the PS3, it's the limitations of the hardware which causes a lowering of the resolution, which in turn lowers the quality of the visuals, so is not down to 3D as a format.
Firstly you need to lose the sarcasm and secondly keep your mind open, as technology advances so does 3D. The quality is of a much higher standard than just a couple of years ago.
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Urusernamesucks  +   471d ago
What a shity website...
SDF Repellent  +   471d ago
Worst website ever. The site is full of gimmicky annoying ads and takes forever to load.
greenpowerz  +   471d ago
It was posted by Mezzo what do you expect. He's like a reporter reporting on Fox News/N4G
AngryEnglish  +   471d ago
Maybe oliver should stick to artwork.... Dear oh dear
Kal-El-001  +   470d ago
as long as its not sixaxis or has lights on the controller or a motion or wii u controller
shivvy24  +   470d ago
You went full retard !
Never go full retard !
LogicStomper  +   470d ago
If there's no lights on the controller, how do you tell whether you're player 1 or player 4?
Droid Control  +   470d ago
Same way we used to before there were lights on the controllers.
JeffGUNZ  +   470d ago
This is one of the worst articles ever. Does this guy even know what the word "gimmick" means?

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