Xbox Event: 5 Things That Could Ruin The Reveal

The reveal of the next generation Xbox is next week and many are rightly excited. There are some things that could ruin this event however.

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Supermax1894d ago

It would be great if we herd about everything at the next box event.i want to know about the new ips the old ips every little thing.subscriptions kinect 2.0 fable whatever.inform the people on everything hide nothing.hardware specs Xbox tv series avatar changes achievements.everything or nothing.ps4 is looking great lets hope Xbox is there with them,so people that grab both consoles will be happy for years to come.

Evil_Ryu1894d ago

Very bad article...everything listed here will and should be presented

from the beach1894d ago

The tent collapsing? I can't really think of anything..

urwifeminder1893d ago

Forgetting to open my eyes all I can think of.

Rob Hornecker1893d ago

The worst thing they could do is hype the Kinect 2.0 with a "milo" type demo that will never see the light of day. Another thing that wasn't mentioned in this story was talk of the "illumimroom" feature that has been talked about for the next gen xbox.
It sounds like a gimick to me!