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Digital Foundry: Killzone Shadow Fall PS Meeting demo used 3GB of RAM & FXAA

Digital Foundry: Killzone Shadow Fall PS Meeting demo used 3GB of RAM & FXAA (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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The_Infected  +   1001d ago
Damn. 4Gb left since the OS likely uses 1Gb. That's a huge room for improvements over the years.
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SynGamer  +   1001d ago
Just to keep things in perspective, yes, KZ:SF looked great, BUT, I could write a simple game that displays 1 pixel on screen and have it eat up 5GB if I wanted it to. So while the extra memory appears to be getting put to use, keep in mind that the amount of RAM being used isn't the end-all-be-all.

Though as someone pointed out, what we saw in February was still alpha so I'll be very curious to see what we get in the Fall :)
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BitbyDeath  +   1001d ago
Why would you want to put 1 pixel on screen and use up 5gb?

Wouldn't you rather put a trillion pixels on screen and use up 1gb?
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Ju  +   1001d ago
I curious. How'd you gonna do it? Having one pixel eating up 5GB. Would very interesting to see how how'd you do it.
fr0sty  +   1001d ago
I imagine it had a lot to do with the fact that the original PS4 spec was 4GB of RAM, the 8GB was added at the last minute. Reserving 1GB for the OS, running it on the remaining 3GB sounds like a plausible explanation. Chances are the next time we see the demo running it will look considerably better. That isn't to say throwing more RAM at the game will magically make all graphics better, but it definitely doesn't hurt.
iloveallgames  +   1001d ago
1. Make a model of a cube.
2. Apply a different 65536x65536 texture on each side of the cube.
3. Display the cube so far away in the game world so as it only occupies one pixel.

Video RAM required to do this: 96 Gigabytes.

I don't see the point of doing this but, as Syngamer pointed out, chewing up RAM is excessively easy to do.
DeadlyFire  +   1001d ago
E3 will be the mid-way point showing of Shadow Fall. 2 months later we will see its final version shaping up.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1001d ago
I think it's a safe bet that the OS is going to use more than 1GB, probably 2 at least. The Wii U uses 1 GB, and I doubt they could stream games, do background downloads and all the other things Sony claims the PS4 can do.

I think since multitasking is something both Sony and Microsoft will want, these machines will need enough memory to do everything they want, and I personally don't want huge load times on applications or games.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1001d ago
PS4 uses a secondary chip that handles all system functions. I think they confirmed only 1gb.
zebramocha  +   1001d ago
@jek before the upped from 4GB to 8GB the ps4 was only using 512MB of ram for the os.
weekev15  +   1001d ago
Wii U has 2gb of RAM but dedicates 1 for games and 1 for the OS/ background functions. Its 1 of the only specs we actually officially know for it.

OT Shadow Fall looks great, I don't really care if its slightly better/worse looking than last light as per the argument above. It looks good and it id a launch game so is only scratching the surface of what next gen is bringing.
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Ol_G  +   1001d ago
you sound really stupid look up the wii u last update added background installs it already did downloading it also supports downloading and installing when the system is off and seeing i can put my game in the background and use the browser or miiverse it's probably multitasking it even works while waiting online for a game of monster hunter i just switch to the browser and watch family guy online switching back every few minutes to look if they are back from the quest
The only thing it doesn't do is the game streaming but thats not very special as windows xp already had remote desktop to help someone from another place sounds familiar? you don't need special hardware for that just a good firmware update
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Lior  +   1001d ago
FXAA oooooo lol where MSAA 4x the system breaker anti aliasing
Cryptcuzz  +   1001d ago
What the heck are you trying to explain or convey?
blackbirdi  +   1001d ago
They are using defered render which is incompatible with MSaa So you Have to use a poSt processing efect like Mlaa and fxaa which is Software solution to eleminate or reduce edges
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M-M  +   1001d ago
Lior logic.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   1001d ago

Why not? Graphics aren't just about specs.It's about art direction and design.Which most PC games lack, since they tend to just rely on specs alone and make bland games with shiny graphics.
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CGI-Quality  +   1001d ago
Something tells me you haven't played "most" graphically intensive PC games. Since it shares much of the console'(s) library, are you saying most of their library lacks Art and Direction as well?
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TwistedMetal  +   1001d ago
i agree with this. console gamers have the best devs and designers pc is not where the money is for games so you not gonna get the best studios and such like you do on the consoles. this is why console games look so good and full of life. there are some cool looking pc games but when you see the gaphics of god of war 3 and uncharteds and such you are like why arent im seeing somethign comparable on the pc. when i see pc games they mostly look like skyrim or fallout with higher res while console games feel like your character can actually interact with the stuff in the world. did you play god of war 3 the intro alone can you feel the life and color and feel of it. the graphics felt real
hiredhelp  +   1001d ago
@DayZ. With respect i never said about spec....
I was nearly getting at KZ is not the best looking game if your wanting to involve PC platform.
Yes I've had all kill zones from start the ps2 thankyou.
Maddens Raiders  +   1001d ago
"Killzone Shadow Fall PS Meeting demo used 3GB of RAM & FXAA"
Whoa...seriously? All I can say is: "damn impressive".
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Cryptcuzz  +   1001d ago
I am kinda confused, I always thought Shadow fall in its previous form was using only 1.5 GB of RAM.

Is there new footage or a new reveal that I missed?

Serious question here guys. Help a confused brother out.
BitbyDeath  +   1001d ago
Devs did think their was only going to be 4GB in the system before Feb 20.

So KZ demo taking up 3GB does leave 1GB for the OS.
bangshi  +   1001d ago
They're using over 4GB of RAM.

If you look at the presentation slides they say they're using 3GB for GPU tasks, 1.5GB for CPU tasks and 128MB for shared functions.

So they're using around 4.6GB of RAM.

That is more than the rumoured 4GB dev kits would have 'allowed' and means you cannot deduce the system OS.
BitbyDeath  +   1000d ago
Yea, saw that after.
ssj27  +   1001d ago
Lol at the PC fanboys trollingh ahahaha ..

come on guys, KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is indeed the most impressive game seen so far..
visually and technologically speaking ..
Kilometers of amazing visuals, amazing texture just look at the clothing texture when the enemy comes to kills you after the explosion .. that is as photo realistic as a clothing can get and never seen such a detail in any PC game.. fact!
yes they show the game in Alpha stage and some citizens moved weird and did not look as polished as the main characters but I bet it will be polished and if they are not, who cares they are not the main part of the gsmes.. just there for ambient.

Don't compare a current gen game running on a high end pc to this PS4 game, you and whoever believe they look better are plain fanboys..
"I have high end pc runing crysis 3" well I have youtube running any game and highest setting and I can tell to I don't need to have the game or a high end pc.. so that argument is useless.
I have seen any high end pc game and now that I have seen KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, I'm sorry but they look old gen next to a game like Killzone Shadow Fall.. they the high end crysis or metro do look better than current consoles games except Beyond, sure but not even even to the PS4 games.. don't fool yourself.

Do this.. don't touch you PC for a week go watch real life life lol, live the live true life.. enjoy the view and comeback to it and you may be able to see the true.

PS4 games do look next gen and this current PC games do not.
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Allsystemgamer  +   1001d ago
YouTube is NOT a valid way of comparison. Look at current in game screenshots of high end PC games then shadow like posted above. While shadow fall does look amazing last light and crysis 3 do look better maxed out. But this is a launch game.
ssj27  +   1001d ago
Why is not? The game visuals are been ported in full real time 1080p .. is not like is been showed in low res or compression. Youtube shows the true visuals and I don't need a high end PC to see it.. a fact.

And you say a pic it's? Lol so you are going to play a frame? Don't be a fool.. whoever falls for it is a fool.

Why don't we pic the pic from the enemy that comes to kill you after the explosion, In where you can see the amazing photo realistic textures of the enemy clothing? And character model..

that picture from killzine you mention is been Photoshop and it looks bad, go watch the actual gameplay pause it there and you will see what I mean, it looks much better.. I call BS on whoever did that pic and a stupid demonstration

Is a alpha stage demo running on low virtual technology (example 3rams instead of 8) and not in the final technology ..

Many other areas counting the whole city who is kilometers big look way better than that crysis or metro pic.. specially in motion where it meters.
Ju  +   1001d ago
"YouTube is NOT a valid way of comparison" - unless it's a PS4 game. Or did you actually play it?
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JsonHenry  +   1001d ago
So I got a bazillion disagrees right after that was shown at the PS4 press conference for saying the game looked about mid-level PC gfx and to expect even better results/visuals by release. Guess I am now justified and proven right by that statement.
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xtremeimport  +   1001d ago
lets not go comparing Ps4 to a PC just yet.
We dont really know what the Ps4 is capable of so we can't say it can or cant run a better looking game than a high end PC. I know its got some power in it and if an alpha game looked that good and still has 4gb of ram to use, i can only imagine things looking better for not only the release but future games.

And devs have said that the PS4 is like a high powered PC so it'll definitely be able to make some damn good looking games. But, just dont compare the two and say 1 can do what the other cant. its silly to compare something we can't prove yet. let the games speak for themselves.
aquamala  +   1001d ago
the slides show they used 3GB RAM for video, and 1.5 GB of system RAM (with 500MB+ used by sound alone), assuming 1.5GB is reserved for OS, only 2GB is left
bangshi  +   1000d ago
Correct - everyone seems to be missing this simple fact.

They're using up 4.6GB of RAM.

1.5GB seems excessive for the OS, I think. Especially given the dedicated chips for various functions.

I just think it is hilarious that they're using more memory for sound alone than the PS3 had in total!
cannon8800  +   1001d ago
For you guys that don't know about FXAA; It's a new technology developed by nvidia and it stands for "Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing". Instead of using the video ram for the anti aliasing, the gpu uses its stream processors (Cuda cores for nvidia and stream processors for AMD graphics cards) to do all the processing power and create a "fake anti aliasing effect" that makes the lines less jagged and so it can deliver better looking visuals if done right. Some games can become slightly blurry with fxaa.
Somebody  +   1001d ago
From what I've seen in the replies...the both sides (PC and console fans)are still stuck with the old console efficiency vs PC raw power debate.

Yes, console games are designed to a specified limitation hence the notion of efficiency while PC versions are horrible mess of inefficiency.

BUT, wait! Next consoles are designed with a PC architecture. That would mean any console game that is efficiently designed for the platform would also be efficiently compatible with PCs. This would be great for owners of PCs/laptops that are on par to the PS4's specs (I doubt that AMD would let such tech-a motherboard with GDDR5 slots as system ram-get stuck exclusively on consoles and let it's rivals churn out better versions/alternatives for the PC crowd).

I see that some said the Titan card is powerful or that the PC is capable but they are not fully utilized. True but then I see they praised that next gen consoles will fully utilized those what about the PCs that already have those stuff? You cards that are NOT Titans.

Wouldn't it be strange that if game dev who now can use those unused tech for next gen console still doesn't know how to apply them for the PC even though they exist in almost every PC in the world for years and with the consoles having the same architecture as the PC?
DeadManMcCarthy  +   1001d ago
Good to see it taking advantage of RAM. Most games use no more than 2gb. So anything over 4gb of RAM for something used for strictly gaming is overkill and a waste imo. So many people waste their money on getting 16gb and 32gb of RAM when it doesn't affect gaming performance at all.
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Linwelin  +   1001d ago
PC minimum amount of ram is 8gb now 4gb just does not cut it anymore.
DeadManMcCarthy  +   1000d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about.
Braid  +   1001d ago
I'm a PC gamer myself and I have a pretty decent PC, I've maxed out Crysis 3 and maxing out Metro Last Light right now, and I can tell you that none of them looks better than Killzone Shadow Fall.

They're impressive but they're just half-nextgen games, sure they look better than most of the current gen games but they're not totally nextgen either and you can spot that when you play them. Shadowfall's helicopter chase scene is still unmatched, Deep Down still looks better than anything out there, Infamous Second son still looks like the Samatrian Tech Demo. You can't really compare current (or cross-gen) games with nextgen-only games. You'll be seeing the difference easily once more next-gen exclusive games are announced.

Have you seen the new Primal Carnage: Genesis screenshots? That's a nextgen-only game, which is one of the first games utilizing UE4 for the next-gen consoles, and even that game although not being a blockbuster title looks better than anything current gen (or cross-gen) games have to offer:

So yeah... Crysis or Metro doesn't look better than next-gen games.
kevnb  +   1001d ago
8 gigs of regular ram and 2 gigs vram will get you maxing the latest bleeding edge games. So I imagine the ps4 will come close to mainstream gaming pc standards of today, which I must say is pretty damn nice. Im going to hold out for a bunch of exclusives for ps4, and continue my exclusives and multiplatform games on pc.
at hiredhelp down below.
The higher end pc games use about 2 gigs regular ram, and 1-2 gigs vram depending on resolution. At extreme resolutions you can even be looking at 3-4 gigs vram if available.

The ps4 brings consoles to where pc is right now, its about time.
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MYSTERIO360  +   1001d ago
The graphics do look great but i hope Guerilla games don't get to fixated on it like Crytek. As amazing as the game looks i really hope they focus on improving the story, characters, gameplay and gamemodes. I just hope that they don't do a repeat of what happened with KZ3.
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hiredhelp  +   1001d ago
3gb ram thats huge considering majoraty of PC games take about 2gb witch makes me excited knowing next gen PC games be using more memory bigger games.
Salooh  +   1001d ago
Yes but you forget that Next generation consoles will bring a new level of gaming. So pc will increase the standard memory used from 2 GB to 3-6 GB each game. Don't forget that they will provide better ram such as DDR4 and GDDR5 for the pc after few years. It's good news for pc gamers for at least 2 years from now :). All gonna be happy ^^ . Only ignorants will complain. There is no limitation for longer time then this generation. Because sony learned their mistake. However let's hope MS don't hold the ps4 and pc.
BattleReach  +   1001d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall is in development at the studio which is just a few miles away from my house.. no one cares eh?
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DoomeDx  +   1001d ago
Same here dude! Herengracht in amsterdam. I see their office everytime I go to work. They have this Helghast statue in front of the window staring at me everytime im on my bicycle to work (Yes! We dutchies ride bicycles).

Maybe some day ill break a window and collect as many Killzone shadow fall data as I can.
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Majin-vegeta  +   1001d ago
Pix??:P Big fan of the Higs i look at them like sort of Space Nazis >_<.
Mr-Dude  +   1001d ago
Their studio is like 150km from my house haha
Ol_G  +   1001d ago
for me more like 30 i live in Almere
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hennessey86  +   1001d ago
That's all well and good
But if they was pretty much maxing the GPU it doesn't really matter how much surplus ram there was.
Truehellfire  +   1001d ago
Finally someone who understands that having an extra 5GB of RAM to play with doesn't mean the game will look better. The GPU can only render so many things on the screen at one time. The extra RAM is in the PS4 to make developing on it easier, decrease load times, and allow more things to be "open" in the background.
Ol_G  +   1001d ago
It still seems a lot of people don't know that or don't care and just think more RAM means better gfx this is stupidity on a whole other level .
Maybe they'll understand if i say it like this
RAM has nothing to do with processing power it's used for temporary saving textures and objects you see in game for fast loading the more you have the less time it takes to load certain areas and if the game is small enough they can almost negate the load times
sway_z  +   1001d ago
...The KillZone demo used 1.5GB VRAM. The total was indeed 3GB.

Lord knows what it is now :)
Salooh  +   1001d ago
If the 3GB include the OS then it's only 2GB used on the game..

I don't know. Someone explain if i'm wrong..
Pandamobile  +   1001d ago
Around 5 GB for KZ:SF; probably around 6 GB of total system memory when you include OS features and stuff.

~1,600 MB for CPU jobs.
~128 MB of shared memory.
~3,100 MB for GPU.
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LOL_WUT  +   1001d ago
I don't think Sony would let each developer use all of the GB right away would they?
Pandamobile  +   1001d ago
What? You seriously thing Sony's going to introduce artificial limitations on their developers?
Salooh  +   1001d ago
You could look at it this way but there are other ways to look at it. Don't think so because the better the games look and play the better reputation. Most people don't know about the amount of ram the ps3 have. So why would they care how much ram the games use. Even if launch games used all the ram doesn't mean developers can't bring better art and gameplay.
sandman224  +   1001d ago
Killzone is going to rock the gaming world. Good luck may 21st Microsoft.
Derekvinyard13  +   1001d ago
Cool, hope it plays well to
Jughead3416  +   1001d ago
PC gamers should get excited for next gen consoles. Finally, devs will stop making scalable game engines to please the console gamers. The new consoles will be capable of performing at a PC level, meaning PC games will finally get to utilize its true potential.
showtimefolks  +   1001d ago
Nice can't wait to see what developers do down the road. Also I don't agree with the comment best looking game on consoles and PC when you can buy a expensive as rig and games will look stunning but for the price range of 400-500 I say it's on par if not better than a PC of same price

PC gamers always say oh my expensive PC can make this game 10 times better when at 5 times the cost yes. But if you want to do real comparison than lets compare a $500 PC to ps4/ next Xbox and than lets compare

It's unfair to comparing a $1200 PC with a $450-500 console

BTW: my PC just went out lol now need to buy a new one price range $500-600 any suggestions specs wise?
thechosenone  +   1001d ago
:O I don't think any 1st or 2nd party devs have ever used that much ram to date for a game even on PC. I know GG is going to blow sh*t apart at E3 with the visuals and what they showed off at the Feb event will be nothing compared to E3.
one2thr  +   1001d ago
I think the main reason for 8gb is that Sony wants devs to bring back the couch co-op, without the need to degrading the graphical fidelity, when the player count increases...

Imagine being able to play this very game with four players on one console for single player co-op or even online against other people with visuals that are the EXACT same quality as it would be if it were played with one player...

And without the side bars, that fill up the rest of the screen, that I personally hate seeing especially on HD tv...
kingPoS  +   1001d ago
Uncharted 3's split srceen multiplayer laid waste to a lot of space. lol Warhawk did it right and gave you options.
GABRIEL1030  +   1001d ago
LOL. 8-3= 5.
dcbronco  +   1001d ago
I think it uses 3gbs of the RAM because of the design of the APU architecture. Since the GPU and CPU are writing to the same memory more is pushed to the RAM where they can both use it as opposed to leaving things in the L1 or L2 for the CPU. I think it's something that will make the hardware better and better as devs get used to it.
Qrphe  +   1001d ago
You're on the right on this.
sync90  +   1001d ago
Why do pc gamers feel the need to constantly go on about how much more powerful there pc is? for one we dont care, for two i think half of its jealously because consoles have better games. Ive never heard a pc gamer boasting about how great the gameplay is on pc, just the gfx. bored of heaqring it!
BeZdaBest  +   1001d ago
the same way people always taking underpowered this an many rams of that......basically the ranks of gaming.. mobile<handheld<console. <pc..(in terms of power.) and if anybody thinks the ps4 can outperform a hi performance gaming pc... theyve got problems..
#14.1 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
sync90  +   1001d ago
I don't for one minute think the PS4 can out perform a high performance pc. but that wont matter to me one bit when im playing KZ-skyfall n my 40"samsung led. PS4 will have better games
BeZdaBest  +   1001d ago
im just saying that people SOME PEOPLE be lack commonsense sometimes..

if thats not you great.. your not a follower of trends..

but from the comments i read..people make the ps4 seem like a sentient console or some sh!t..

look i dont game pc.. i have a ps360wii & u

i game on consoles.. but i know that pc will destroy console on power alone...does that make games better no... but to some people now an days power is everything.(not to me)

@sync90.... the only difference will come down to first party games...because if the ps4 and nextbox are basically pc. that means porting stuff should be a breeze...
#14.1.2 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Allsystemgamer  +   1001d ago
Saying ps4 will have better games is ignorant.
leogets  +   1001d ago
what's the point of having a lambagini if ya can only drive it 70 miles an her in the UK?
JewyMcJew  +   1001d ago
Sony should have kept its secrets until E3. Microsoft now has ample time to make adjustments.
Cryptcuzz  +   1001d ago
Ample time for adjustments?

Nah, I think it takes longer to adjust and change anything major at this point, considering manufacturing should be ramping up soon if they were to release it this fall like the PS4.

Unless they delay the system by another year or so, which I don't think they will do, then changing anything major as a result is out of the question.
JewyMcJew  +   1001d ago
Nothing major, but Microsoft could add more memory (back in February) to compensate.
Cryptcuzz  +   1001d ago
They could but adding more memory then 8 GB like they are rumored to have in the next Xbox seems a little redundant don't you think?
ABizzel1  +   1001d ago

Unless they want to launch holiday 2014
JewyMcJew  +   1001d ago
Not if much of Xbox's RAM is being used for other tasks, as the rumors go.

If that is the case, Microsoft may decide that adding more usable RAM is worth the cost.

Also, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY Microsoft will not reveal a similar feature of Sony's Share. It's trophies vs accomplishments only in reverse.
Monkeysmarts  +   1001d ago
Thinking this will be a must have early title on PS4. Impressive.
yewles1  +   1001d ago
This proves that Guerrilla indeed DID know about the 8GB RAM increase.
Oldman100  +   1001d ago
Thanks for the link Yewles!

Interesting tidbit:

All particles are generated by the cpu in 10ms. They plan on moving to compute in the future.
Ayabrea123  +   1001d ago
PC gamers - "Consoles are weaker than PC" - Yet PC offer no innovation what so ever in gaming beside looking better. Stop with the PC bull crap. Your game won't be miraculous better because it's on a pc. Graphically it will. If a game is good that's all that should matter, not the system. And I would like PC gamers to stop making it seem like all pc are made equal. The PC market is fragmented and there's too many different things to take into consideration before you can even Start to play a game. On top of that, it's way more expensive to keep up with gaming because every three months another graphic card offers something the last doesn't and it ends up being more than $1000. Console are straight forward and don't require much tweaking for 100 different pc specifications.
Vames  +   1001d ago
You know nothing of PC gaming, only what you read in the comments of others. Do you know of the NVIDIA 8800GT? That card came out way back in 2007, and for years it was the most used card by gamers on Steam despite being outdated badly. That old card even provides better performance than the current gen consoles.

Not because there's always a new card coming out, it doesn't mean you have to upgrade, games will still perform well on your old card. PC gamers have something consoles gamers don't have, and that is choice.
dcbronco  +   1001d ago
An 8800 should be more powerful. The Xbox had the more powerful GPU of the consoles and it's GPU was designed in 2004. A lot of changes came after 2004. Compare the Xenos to a card from 2004-05 and it competes pretty well.
Allsystemgamer  +   1001d ago
You are an ignorant moron. I haven't updated my PC in 4 years and I'm still maxing everything at 45-60 fps.

It cost me $800 after tax and I spent that much because I'm a video editor and game on the same machine.

I also own all current gen consoles and halo is my fav Xbox series and kZ my fav ps3
Rageanitus  +   1001d ago
ummmm stop with the Console bull crap.... who say's PC gaming cannot game just as well or even better than consoles.

To this day FPS, RTS, MMORPG's simply play better on a PC.. Good example is a game I just finished Dishonored. I bought it on sale on the ps3 since it was on sale for 30 dollars and it got such high ratings. I can honestly say I as bored with the slow load times and finicky slow controls. When the game dropped on the PC for 15 dollars I quickly grabbed it and I ejoyed the game MUCH more.

Yes every 6 months there is a new video card but does that mean the current cards get much slower that they cant play games? It takes a good 1.5 years to create a new game and 2> 3 years to have a signficat change in technology. So you do not have to upgrade every so called 3 months?
Vames  +   1001d ago
There was a time when PC gamers were ridiculed for talking up the amount of RAM they have in their systems, now console gamers are bragging LOL. You guys are at 8? We've been at 16GB for years :)
isarai  +   1001d ago
PC gamers have also always bragged about how much Ram PCs could hold over consoles, now that PS4 has some damn decent ram(you're forgetting it's GDDR 5) fanboys can't stop saying "Ram does not make better graphics" immaturity goes both ways when it comes to fanboy wars, that's why i stay away from them and just play my games.
#19.1 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Rageanitus  +   1001d ago
From what I have read the 8gb GDDR5 is shared memory, Ram is a great factor in textures and texture load times and resolution. But you also needs a very strong GPU.

Yes the RAM might be there but I am still skeptical since many of the high end video cards still need alot of ventalation. I am picturing the ones in the consoles will be close to a mid to high range laptop GPU.
Vames  +   1001d ago
Don't talk about how we're forgetting its GDDR5 when you know nothing. This type of RAM has been around in PC gaming since 2008, you're just learning of it.
Cryptcuzz  +   1001d ago
Let me know when your PC games takes advantage of all that 16 GB RAM, let alone 8 GB.

Kthxbai :)
_-EDMIX-_  +   1001d ago
LMFAO! "We"? unless that "we" is 160 million of you, it means little to nothing.

The problem is, can you even name a PC game that supported 16 gigs? I can name quite a few that will support 8 gigs just this fall....on console anyway LOL!

Buddy, I can have a PC that has 32gigs of ram, 4X 7990's etc.....I'm not sure what they will do for a already dated game. Can I run BF4...yup, Watchdogs....yup. But what can you really run that is TRULY using this ram up that is PC exclusive?

Star Citizen comes to mind. In terms of PC gaming, no one cares how much crap you have in your computer, do 160 million of your friends have it too? If not STFU. Its like having one of those supercomputer's from Japan.....yeah you own the worlds fastest supercomputer....did you just think that every gaming publisher would just start supporting it just because YOU and ONLY YOU owned it?

160 million people will own PS4's and 720's....just how much will own your special 16GB's? AND you wonder why it doesn't get supported like consoles. Crap like "I've owned 16GB's for years" I own 4gigs and its good enough, this is why most games don't require you to have 3 or 4 gigs in order to play them. You and I don't own the same amount of ram, how can any developer make a game with 8 or 16 gigs in mind when they don't even know how many PC gamers even own such an amount of ram?
thehitman  +   1001d ago
Theres a difference between your PC having 16gigs of ddr and a game actually running on 7-8gigs of gddr5. Most high-end games on PC Utilize only 1-2 gigs of gddr5 and 4 gigs of your system ram, which in terms of power doesnt compare at all to the ps4 ram.
Pinkdolphin  +   1001d ago
I would have personally have chose a better gpu and less ram. There is no way 1.8 tf will feed 8 gb of gddr 5 ram. I can see it going to multimedia functions and increased splitscreen count. That just isn't enough polygons to be textured all at once.
dcbronco  +   1001d ago
I believe the RAM is more about HSA than anything. Since the CPU and GPU will be writing to the same address it will need to be stored somewhere both can easily access it.
JewyMcJew  +   1001d ago
I think the advantage is that programmers can be lazy. And when you have a deadline, lazy is good!
VaporCell  +   1001d ago
#21 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GamerzElite  +   1001d ago
PC guys are jealous not getting Killzone:SS LOL Poor PC guys..
thechosenone  +   1001d ago
Well if they buy a PS4 they will. lol
isarai  +   1001d ago
you do know it's possible to own more than one platform, crazy right?
Rageanitus  +   1001d ago
I'm getting a PS4 for sony exclusives... who says a PC gamer cannot buy a console?

More like poor console only players who think PC gaming is much too expensive and you have to upgrade every 3 to 6 months.
Prcko  +   1001d ago
they just need to buy PS4,not hard imo ;)
SpideySpeakz  +   1001d ago
Now pump that baby up to 6.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1001d ago
LOL @people above.

The amount of RAM does not increase the graphics of the game.
Shok  +   1001d ago
Not trying to downplay the specs in the slightest but people don't understand that if you don't have a strong enough GPU, all that RAM can't even be used toward graphical performance.

PC gamers have had 8 GIGs, 16 GIGs, and 32 GIGs for a LONG time now and when it comes to playing games, all those amounts of RAM have been completely useless since 98% of games only use 2 GIGs and 2% only using 4 GIGs (not real numbers, just putting it into perspective)

Like some have stated above, all that extra RAM pretty much allows developing on the system easier - devs won't have to optimize much for it since they have so much excess RAM.
#24.1 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DivineAssault  +   1001d ago
Damn! That means midway through its life, games will be way better in quality
Theyellowflash30  +   1001d ago
Look at all the graphics whores in here.... LOL
kingPoS  +   1001d ago
Who doesn't miss the days where only game installs, updates & patches were the only thing to wait on for a game to play.

Welcome to 2013 were the multitude of options on pc can make 2 or 3 step process seemingly multiply.

Will it work with the profiles on my gaming keyboard and mouse?
Should I disable the anivirus?
Should I reconfigure my router's firewall?
What's the best optimization for my CPU?
How do I configure direct X?
How do I update the firmware on my GPU?
Is my pc running cool enough?
How do I prevent a hard drive crash?

This is of course assuming your using a decent laptop. The options only increase from there on a desktop pc.

Ain't multiplication great. ^_~
#27 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
isarai  +   1001d ago
Wow, no one here is questioning how they can tell how much ram is being used from a gameplay video? seems like they pulled it out of their ass, not saying using 3GB is good or bad(i really don't care) but i don't get how you can just accept such a short simple baseless statement as absolute fact
Pandamobile  +   1001d ago
Maybe because it's from a publication released by Guerrilla Games themselves?
SpideySpeakz  +   1001d ago
I just took a look at the presentation from GG. All 103 pages.
taquito  +   1001d ago
fxaa explains all the jaggies, too bad more rams not gonna help with anti aliasing and in the end the game will still probably have annoying jaggies everywhere

should have spent less money on ram (not that its expensive) and more money on a WAY better gpu and cpu!
Khronikos  +   1001d ago
They are working on TMAA for the PS4. They have a couple months yet. 2xMSAA is so much more advisable over this seriously. The PS4 NEEDS something better than MLAA and FXAA. Costs and what not are not the problem. The problem is this is a deferred renderer.
#29.1 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TemplarDante  +   1001d ago
@Taquito CLEARLY, you're not technically inclined. FXAA is GOOD thing, idiot. Stop trying to mislead people. What a silly fanboy.
Pandamobile  +   1001d ago
It's not when compared to MSAA.
#30.1 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
landog  +   1001d ago
fxaa is TERRIBLE

its a post process garbage after effect that's just blurs the screen (the whole screen) to hide the jaggies...its a console trick to hide bad aliasing, you sir, clearly know not which you speak of.

again, fxaa is awful
Khronikos  +   1001d ago
FXAA is fucking awful. It needs to go pronto. It seems GG agrees and they are working on TMAA which does some things differently and should not have that awful vaseline blur.

Anybody who thinks FXAA is decent needs their eyes checked. It will single handedly ruin the IQ of this title and they realize this I hope. Honestly, I am glad I will have a PC and PS4 when it comes. I just hope they are serious about getting AA right.
Ippiki Okami  +   1000d ago
"Anybody who thinks FXAA is decent needs their eyes checked. It will single handedly ruin the IQ of this title and they realize this I hope. Honestly, I am glad I will have a PC and PS4 when it comes. I just hope they are serious about getting AA right."

...and yet all that has ZERO influence on game quality or actual gameplay. You PC fanboys really need to GTFO of gaming and stick with arguing PC specs with yourselves cuz you clearly know nothing of game design. Game design is what makes a game good or not.
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