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Resident Evil Revelations Demo Comparison (XBOX 360/WiiU/3DS)

The Resident Evil Revelations demo came out today for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U; here is a side-by-side comparison video of the Xbox 360 and Wii U versions, as well as some 3DS comparison from the old demo: (3DS, PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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kraideral  +   841d ago
Is it me or the X360 version looks like the WiiU and even a little better?
tait269  +   841d ago
Think is it just down to the colours. The 360 version looks like it has deeper colours.
Pandacorn  +   841d ago
TrickyAcid  +   841d ago
Grabbing the 360 version. It's looking sweet
LOL_WUT  +   841d ago
The 360 version definitely looks superior IMO ;)
tait269  +   841d ago
Wouldn't say superior they look basically the same.
WeMilk   841d ago | Spam
weekev15  +   841d ago
It's you, the WiiU version looks slightly better but there is not much difference.
wampdog29  +   840d ago
Actually, I think the textures look a bit better on Wii U...
BattleReach  +   841d ago
Nice 3DS recording..
Pandacorn  +   841d ago
LOVE! Can't wait! :]
TrickyAcid  +   841d ago
WiiU version does look sharper then Xbox360. Was kinda expecting that. Also...
Dat Ass.
Optical_Matrix  +   841d ago
RE:R >>>>>> RE5//RE6
Venox2008  +   841d ago
yes!!! :)
tait269  +   841d ago
RE 5 was good but RE 6 is sooooo bad.
testsubject  +   841d ago
No their all good games,just because their not like older Resident Evils doesn't mean their shit, they had to change the formula because today the controls and camera angles just couldn't work
sandman224  +   841d ago
I'm sorry but I noticed frame rate drops on the wii u that wasn't there on the 360.
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Brianaro  +   841d ago
what about ps3
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Jek_Porkins  +   841d ago
Hmmm, I was considering this on Wii U, but the Achievements on the 360 version seal it. So close to 100k, don't wanna stop till the next Xbox comes out.
Captain Qwark 9  +   841d ago
Damn 100k is dedication. Impressive dude. I usually get bored with games after a few hours, only like 3 hook me solid every year and I try a lot lol. I've got like 46000 since the 360 came out. Tech its like 60000 because I didn't know in the beginning you could just pay to change your tag so I started over to become the galaxies greatest hero, Captain Qwark.
Jek_Porkins  +   841d ago
I've been gaming on my Xbox 360 since launch in 2005, I never get 100% or anything, just have a large game collection and also use Gamefly. I usually like to get between 500-700 Gamerscore for each game I've played, and most of the time it's easy enough to accomplish, and a lot of early 360 games had super easy Achievements, like the early sports games and King Kong was an easy 1000GS.
Captain Qwark 9  +   841d ago
i have over 150+ games for 360. thats why i said i play ALOT lol. im very open minded toward most games and genres but i just dont have the attention span to finish them or i get in the mood to play something else and never go back or i very rarely but it does happen get fanboy mad at a game like dragon age 2 for example and quit because it wasnt what i expected lol ( lately ive been going back to those games though, just beat DA2 actualyl and i thought it was amazing, no idea why i was a whiny b*tch over it. also just started up fable 3 again and its alot of fun too ).

anyway though, i usually get 200-300 and then quit, ive been qwark for 5 years and had my other tag for the few before it. ill prob hit 50k by the end of the year
Dgamer  +   841d ago
Wii U version def looks better, not by much to thats to be expected considering its a port and Wii U runs on a different Arch than last Gen. I'll have to download the demo, might be a purchase for me.
Clearly Capcom didn't bother unlocking the Wii U's power :-(
ado908  +   841d ago
Lol what power?
Lol you don't know what hardware is!
Heisenburger  +   839d ago
**EDIT: Sorry for any/all typographical errors. I just can't bring myself to read all of that again. Lol**

First of all, congratulations for being mature and not sinking to my level(no sarcasm).

There's no excuse, but I can get belligerent when I drink. So for that I must apologize.


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Of course Goku multiplied his strength tenfold yet couldn't match Vegeta.

You(all of us) could make several excuses for either side. Eventually we have to boil it down to facts.

When they fought, Vegeta was stronger.

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I don't ever post replies as comments, but I had already typed that garbage before I realized you had blocked me.

I don't blame you. My behavior was out of line.
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stragomccloud  +   841d ago
It's a handheld port. What did you expect?
BosSSyndrome  +   841d ago
To me the Wii U and 360 versions look the same.
3ds one looks a lot better on an actual 3ds screen.
Realplaya  +   841d ago
Wii U version all the way. I just played the demo at it looks great.Colors look more natural it's like buying a plasma vs LCD. LCD has brighter colors but there washed out plasma has deeper darker more natural colors.
KaBaW  +   841d ago
"Shit, it's a trap" .. you don't say? Did the mannequin or gas give it away? >:D
lizard81288  +   841d ago
....What about the PC version?...It will be the best....
DivineAssault  +   841d ago
Too bad i already beat this game & own it on 3ds.. I wouldve waited it out if i knew it were coming in HD.. Oh well, ill wait til theres a sale & beat it again.. The lack of enemy variety & puzzles are my only complaints about the game..

The jill sections were by far my favorite rather than the more action oriented Chris sections.. Nintendo fans will have something to play for wii u now though.. But if theyre nintendo fans, they probably already beat this game like i did & will be playing something over again rather than something new which kinda sucks
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meday354  +   841d ago
What eva just buy the game and stop being ass boys/fanboys.
lunchbox355  +   841d ago
I absolutely loved this game on the 3ds and can't wait to play the HD version. I downloaded the demo on the Wii U and I like the gamepad features it has so I'll be getting the game for that system. Otherwise I would get it for PS3. It's a great game that should be played on whatever system you get it for.
Neonridr  +   841d ago
The 360 and Wii U versions look identical. There's no framerate drop on the Wii U version and the colours look basically the same.

While I hoped the Wii U version would have looked nicer due to a better graphics card, the gamepad features will still tip the scale in the Wii U's favour.

Looks awesome regardless.
Nicholasgliss  +   841d ago
Ya, they look the same to me. Minuscule details and/or color saturation I do not see. Yoda I am.
neogeo  +   840d ago
OMFG The WiiU verison Looks SOooooo mega much better! owned! The directx11 and all the ray traced lighting makes it look so much better than 360. It does not even look like the same game! It's got the Nintendo seal of approval.

Wow those fanboy goggles really work!
MagickaEmperor  +   835d ago
I don't mean to sound rude here buddy. But. Do you even know what DirectX 11 is!? It's a toolset of graphic features used for programming (usually games). Nothing more - and just because the Wii U has some watered-down version of DirectX 11 on it, doesnt mean Resident Evil Revelations ultizes any of it's exclusive effects or features, not already found in DirectX 10. infact, considering this is a 'port' of a 3DS game, I'm assuming the primary code, is exactly the same. So please, be aware of this when you spout stuff about 'DirectX 11', 'ray traced lighting', and hoopla.
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maniacmayhem  +   840d ago
The WiiU and 360 version look exactly the same. As all other multiplat games on other consoles.
younghavok  +   840d ago
I think they look kind of identical, I think the lighting looked a little better on the Wii U version but its possible it was just different angles on the capture. Regardless, it has off tv play, so for me personally thats enough to give it the edge. I've already beat the game on the 3ds but it was good enough to warrant another purchase. Like somebody above me said however the lack of variety in enemy types is the biggest fault against the game
MagickaEmperor  +   835d ago
I noticed the Demo for this game isn't yet availible on XBOX LIVE North America. I've got a Gold trial subscription, and have searched the game both in the Bing Browser & the merketplace (including the 'Soon' to be released & 'on Demand'), and only find the games' home page - no demo :( I wonder if Microsoft pulled it early for technical reasons? If so, I wonder when it'll be posted back on LIVE again). Until then, I guess I'll be playing the PS3 Demo I got off PSN. I had hoped to compare to two, before I pick up a copy of the game tomorrow.
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MagickaEmperor  +   835d ago
Would loved to have seen a PS3 vs XBOX 360 comparison, given that a HUGE portion of Resident Evil's fanbase are PlayStation owners - especially the longtime fans who started on the platform, and who [no doubt] own digital copies of most the games in the series on their PS3s (games which - like Resident Evil 1-3 & the Chronicle games - are not avalible on XBOX 360). I myself, am leaning towards the PS3 version, simply to keep the series on the same platform.

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