MIND≒0 Trailer Shows Off Dungeons, Battles, Dialogue And More

Acquire have shared a new trailer for MIND≒0, their upcoming PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler. The trailer introduces characters, shows off dialogue scenes, battles, the game’s overworld map and more.

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Snookies122041d ago

I was kind of looking forward to the premise of this game... That trailer didn't really excite me though.

Snookies122041d ago

I'll definitely reserve judgement until I get a chance to play it. Provided it comes to NA. Hopefully it'll be good though.

VileAndVicious2041d ago

Looks like classic persona to me.

penpen42041d ago

Looks like a SMT/Persona clone, but that is more of a complement.

noxeven2041d ago

state side day one purchase if we get it