Peter Molyneux: If I were Nintendo, I'd Put Mario On The iPad

Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone are two of British gaming's most influential figures. The former — who has been quite outspoken about the Wii U lately — founded Bullfrog and Lionhead, and is responsbile for titles such as Populous, Fable, Dungeon Keeper and the recent "gaming experiment" Curiosity. The latter had a hand in the creation of Games Workshop and co-authored the Fighting Fantasy books, before moving into the world of video games with Domark and Eidos.

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ltachiUchiha1958d ago

In a way he is right, u know how many ppl would buy mario on ipad. My nieces & nephews play games all day on the ipad.

LAZL0-Panaflex1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Bring Mario to Xbox, PS, iOS, and android = more $ than wiiu sales! -ha while you're at it bring over Zelda and smash brothers Kirby and dinky Kong and stop making consoles.

lilbroRx1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

And less $ in the long run, as people will start waiting for the games to come to other products they already own instead of buying Nintendo hardware for them eventually leading to it losing popularity from saturation and overavailabilty, then to the collapse of Nintendo.

Putting Mario on the iOS, Playstation and Xbox would be like putting Uncharted, God of War, Halo and Gears of War on the Wii U. Why buy more hardware when you can get the game for the one you already have?

If putting exclusive first party titles on other hardware was such a great idea, then why don't I see Sony fans begging Sony to put Gran Turismo and The Last of Us on the iOS/Android? Wouldn't they = more $ as well?

SilentNegotiator1958d ago

IDK. You could probably go back and forth all day about whether or not they would be better off without the hardware.

But there would certainly be a lot of people who would buy Mario games on iPad. Look at all of the ripoffs, hacked stuff, etc.

HammadTheBeast1958d ago

Peter Molyneux.

Currently the 3DS is selling extremely well.

Thank you Mario.

SilentNegotiator1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

@Hammad and Libro

What's to stop any of the big three from publishing some stuff on 3rd party platforms like iOS/Android, though?

It's not like they would have their most complex games on those platforms. Throwing an occasional title on those massive networks, could potentially be a win for them, though.

But IDK. I'm not going to speculate too hard on something that probably won't ever, ever happen.

Muffins12231958d ago

No,you have the nintendo audience more on ipad devices than you do on pc,ps3,or xbox 360

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Maddens Raiders1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I'm a huge PlayStation fan but I grew up like millions of other kids my age (at the time) burning the skin off my thumbs on Ninty and Sega consoles. This pains me to hear because it seems that now even "credible" and highly influential people are talking about Nintendo "getting out of the console biz". No matter my preference for another console, this would be a huge mistake imho and puts us one step closer to that bastardized idea of a uniconsole which will effectively end my gaming hobby/career as I've said many many times in the past.

Please tell me I'm not watching what happened to Sega in slow-mo... because that would not be good for gamers or the industry. Not good at all. It's not that we "need" companies like Nintendo or Sega to simply exist, we need these companies as lovers of games to show us what's possible in our lovable past time and how "good" can be made even better.

I don't like the implications of this article. Not good; however I see where Molyneux is coming from in a monetary way which unfortunately is all ppl w/ tons of cash seemed to be concerned about and those w/o want.

1OddWorld1958d ago

"Agree in a way". But I will never stop gaming. I think its time to purchase a Wii-U to show my support. The last thing we want is Nintendo to disappear. That would be truly tragic.

PS4 for the win though.

I am going to go sandbox crazy at launch. Need a racing game and a FPS. Don't know if I want drive club and F#k Call Of Duty. Hoping on Gran Tourismo and Battlefield :D

zerocrossing1958d ago

How is Molyneux credible? I'm not trying to instigate an argument here but honestly the guy is incredibly overrated.

Nintendo aren't making the best decisions to appeal to the "core gamer" whoever that may be, but they are keeping their consumers happy and at least they are still making dedicated gaming machines instead of multi media entertainment devices.

raWfodog1958d ago

That's the number one reason why Nintendo shouldn't "Put Mario on the iPad", not if they want any chance of the WiiU 's sales to pick up. People definitely wouldn't buy it for their kids if they can get Mario on a device they already own.

Blaze9291958d ago

he's right - Mario on iOS/Android devices would be golden. it fits the market to almost a 100% tee.

potential to easily outsell any numbers mario pulled on its own Nintendo systems.

grailly1958d ago

agreed, I always see kinds nagging their parents to play on their iPhone or iPad. Still, unless there's a way to make a mario game work flawlessly with a touchscreen I don't want to see it on the iPad, Nintendo has always made great use of the hardware features with their games and I hope they'll continue that way.

BullyMangler1958d ago

yeah, real gamers want mario everywhere nowadays.

1958d ago
Shnazzyone1958d ago

... And we all know how awesome Peter Molyneux has been for gaming. Obviously we need to take his opinion seriously.

_QQ_1958d ago

Ninendo already dominates the software market for both handhelds and consoles.Why not mobile devices also.

Trunkz Jr1958d ago

If they put Mario on the Ipad it would hurt sales of 3DS and future handhelds, what a dumb idea just to sell $1-$10 Mario games on a Ipad...

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LOL_WUT1958d ago

"Truer words were never spoken" Mr. Molyneux ;)

Root1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

If people were more like you Peter....they probably wouldn't have a job anymore.

WeAreLegion1958d ago

I hate to admit it, but he's right. Mario on iOS and Google Play Stores would not only outsell everything would have a chance at catching up to Angry Birds' lifetime sales.

Apex131958d ago

So why not use it to their advantage and let it sell their systems?

WeAreLegion1958d ago

Because, obviously, that isn't working.

StockpileTom1958d ago

People buy those games because they already have the device. They don't buy the device for those games; that's why.

LOL_WUT1958d ago

Nintendo's consoles don't keep the company afloat it's their software that does. Imagine how much earnings they'd make if they release some their old catalog on iOS/Android devices?

Look at how many people have downloaded the NES/GameBoy app in android that's a lot of potential revenue being lost. ;)

deafdani1958d ago

Right now, Super Mario Bros U's attach rate is at about 66%. That means that roughly 1 out of each 3 Wii U owners have that game.

So yes, it IS working. That franchise remains a system seller. The problem is that Mario Bros U, alone, is simply not enough. The Wii U would've sold even less than it's sold so far if Mario U hadn't been there at launch, and the games' sales numbers back up that claim.

StockpileTom1958d ago

"Super Mario Bros U's attach rate is at about 66%. That means that roughly 1 out of each 3 Wii U owners have that game." might wanna correct that...

deafdani1958d ago

@StockpileTom: oh, derp. I meant 2 out of each 3 Wii U owners. I don't know what happened to my brain here. :P

Roper3161958d ago

I don't agree, when a true Mario game releases on the WiiU it will have a huge sales bump imo, where if you release Mario on other platforms Ninty would be giving a reason not to buy their console. Why buy the WiiU to play Mario when I can buy it on what I already have. Same goes for Zelda, Pikmin etc etc.

WeAreLegion1958d ago

Super Mario Galaxy didn't help the Wii.

deafdani1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Dear God. New Super Mario Bros Wii sold around 30 million copies, and Mario Galaxy about 10 million. Both games are among the best selling Wii games of all time. Stop saying lies and do some proper research.

jacksheen00001958d ago

Agreed, putting Mario on other platforms is a bad idea.