Media Streamer Showdown: PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360

Media Streamer Showdown between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Gimmemorebubblez1924d ago

To save your time the article says both machines are good at media streaming but Sony's machine does it better.

darthv721924d ago

wii-u, ps3 and 360 for netflix as each is in a different part of the house. so no matter which room i go to, i can access netflix and watch what is in my queue.

On another netflix note (seeing as that seemed to be a focus) I have been noticing less and less real new content in the movie department and an ever increasing amount of new TV show content.

With both netflix and redbox having to wait an additional 28 days before new releases come really is difficult to still justify paying for the service. I can honestly say that while it is available to me in any room, i find myself not as inclined to hit up the netflix app as often as i once did.

i have been turning to my Uverse on-demand more as it is just as convenient when it comes to recent TV shows. When i go looking for newer releases, Im just not finding them on Netflix. Why digital releases arent same day as physical is on the studios and distributors more than the service providers.

So netflix, hulu, vudu...are all at the mercy of the studios like Paramount, universal, Warner and if those companies want to have their newest release available for viewing by those of us with subscription based services.

I would guess...not at the same time as the physical release or the pay per view services because those are single viewing paid instances and services like hulu and netflix are a once a month watch as much as you can type of service. the studios make more $$$ from the pay per view and retail sales but after some time (at least a month maybe 2) they find themselves on netflix and hulu streaming.

go figure.

AngelicIceDiamond1924d ago

I wonder if the guy ever took into account that on the Xbox, people do transfer from game to app and even some are in party chats. That greatly slows down the start up times for apps.

I'm sure these issues will be solved for PS4 and Xbox Infinity.

Maddens Raiders1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Wait.... isn't this article about 6 years late? lol...

I used to see these types of articles here ALL the time. Oh well the more info the better I guess...

Godmars2901924d ago

Netflix aside as far as number of media services available its pretty embarrassing how many XBL have over PSN.

Still not worth paying for things like Blip and Dailymotion when I can access them on PC or tablet for nothing.

Belking1924d ago

"Still not worth paying for things like Blip and Dailymotion when I can access them on PC or tablet for nothing."

Maybe not to you but obviously it's worth it to millions of others. Just because we want something to be free doesn't mean it should be. There is a whole list of things in this world that should be free.

Godmars2901924d ago

Except by the subject of this article, Netflix, because PSN is a free platform versus XBL more people the former for things like Netflix. By a clear margin. And the Xbox 360 even had timed exclusivity.

loulou1924d ago

dear oh dear.

if people have xbox live, you can be sure that they have computers also.

i have xbox live gold, i also have my ps3 on line. but i dont have netflix or anything like that.

and if i want to watch youtube. i use my pc, just like i am sure that millions of gold paying xbox users do as well.

i seriously doubt that having these things on xbox live are the reasons that people are subscribing

Mustang300C20121924d ago


Definitely not the reason why I pay for gold. It is to play the games I like on the console I enjoy. HBO Go Netflix, Hulu, Gametrailers all all the other apps are just an addition to what I primarily buy the service for. My whole family uses all these apps because it is all in one solution. I have smart tvs and and computers all over the house but mostly the 360 is what is used to access all of those features. Why would anyone go to a computer to use Why would someone exit out the game and go to youtube on their tv or computer when it is already available.

MysticStrummer1924d ago

"Maybe not to you but obviously it's worth it to millions of others."

Ok so we'll have a poll and find out how many are paying for XBL so they can access otherwise free apps.

Then we'll find out how many refuse to pay for XBL because they know they can access the vast majority of it's features for free elsewhere.

Then we'll find out how many XBL Gold members would drop that sub if they could play their games online without it.

No one is paying for XBL just so they can access Blip and Dailymotion.

No one.

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strickers1924d ago

For loads of stuff , you can use the ps3 browser. It's not great but works for loads of stuff . Been there for years too ;-)

Godmars2901924d ago

I've defended the thing for the longest, got into Blip shows because of it, but after the Youtube app started to work half decently, they stopped even bothering to update flash, I've given up on it.

Though yes, you can probably still watch porn on it...

True_Samurai1924d ago

My xbl Netflix is pretty fast I get HD
Every time for the ones with HD

Neko_Mega1924d ago

Netflix has PS3 listed as the number console used to watch Netflix.

With that said, it just shows people want to pay for XBL to play and not to watch Netflix. Heck you get Cracker (or how ever its spelled) on XBL but you have to be a Gold member to even use it. Yet its free, it just seems pointless to pick the 360 to do media steaming.

B1663r1924d ago

well except for Bing... With Bing I just speak out to my xbox what I want to watch, and Bing finds it for me.

But I agree... If all I did was streaming, I would go with a free to use box instead of the 360.

Ive been an unapologetic xbox fanboy for 8 years now, and here in 2013... If I have to pay for basic connectivity in the next xbox I will think long and hard about my options.

Belking1924d ago

XBL is free. It's XBLG that is the pay service. You guys always seem to forget that little part. It's really not that different from psn. They have a free and paid tier as well. It's just ms has a different business model and it works for them for now. When people stop paying for it you will definitely see a change.

Cueil1924d ago

if you have a MCPC running Windows MC then Xbox 360 is the easy winner... hands down no compition... to be able to watch TV from any Xbox in the house and if you've got a good card reader up to 4 channels at once and of course DVR ability for free on PC that is easily accessible by your 360's MCE software... it's really a great option for people who want to get away from paying that 20 dollars a month on cable boxes (also there are some neat apps for MC)

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