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Submitted by TheSuperior 1003d ago | opinion piece

Top 5 Flop Predictions of 2013

Video games have been a growing trend over the past years. Gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. With gaming being on the rise more money has been able to be pushed into it and better games have been made! The progression of gaming has been nothing but amazing however, with the hobby becoming such a hit, there have also been some large games that have failed. Just like the movie industry, games are becoming known to flop. This is a sad thing that should not be glamorized but oh so true. Next-gen consoles are all the rage so actual games that are coming out this year are having a hard time standing out; especially those stuck in current-gen standings. Games that are being released for current-gen consoles almost automatically get a blind eye turned to them while the ones that are making it on next-gen hardware have a bar that is set almost too high to overcome. Greatness is set for the future of gaming this year but which games are bound to flop in the year 2013? (3DS, Android, Mobile, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

TheSuperior  +   1003d ago
Anything and everything published by Nintendo unless they appeal to hardcore gamers and allow use of pro controller? lol hahaha orrrr the Wii U itself.
animegamingnerd  +   1003d ago
that is one really dumb troll coment
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jameson12345  +   1003d ago
Since when has any game Nintendo has published been a flop?
Picnic  +   1002d ago
Any Nintendo 64DD or Virtual Boy game probably.

Geist (Gamecube). Developed by n-space, published by Nintendo.

Wii Music didn't get great reviews but sold a few million.

And I wonder whether Yoshi's Story on the N64 made much money.
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DivineAssault  +   1002d ago
Nintendo has respect from me on their titles.. Even though they seem childish to some, they are both core & casual games at the same time which few devs can accomplish.. I beat most of their 1st party games & let me tell you, they can get HARD! It takes skill to complete them 100% while remaining fun.. Cant knock em at all but i do hate their hardware
InfinityG35JT  +   1003d ago
That list is honestly accurate.
lilbroRx  +   1003d ago
Thaimasker's post right below yours tells entirely different.
animegamingnerd  +   1003d ago
with the expcetion of mario and luigi the person didn't even know that was a RPG
PurpHerbison  +   1002d ago
Probably needs more games on it.
thaimasker  +   1003d ago
He seems pretty mis-informed about mario&luigi dream team. He calls it a platformer and the same game over and over but instead it is actually a RPG with turn based combat.
jrbeerman11  +   1003d ago
raWfodog  +   1002d ago
You got disagrees for pointing out the author is a female? Nice :)
MestreRothN4G  +   1003d ago
Agreed with them all, but wouldn't call them "top".
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trikster40  +   1003d ago
Saints Row 3 was definitely different and had issues, but I played the hell out of it coop with my friend. Looking forward to doing the same with SR4.

And that dub-step gun looks sweet.
TheOneEyedHound  +   1003d ago
This list! Su..!!! Oh wait actually not bad at all.
yugovega  +   1003d ago
Mario and luigi will not flop. really? has there been a back Mario and luigi rpg?
kirbyu  +   1003d ago
"it’s the fact that it is the same platformer style"

But Mario & Luigi isn't a platformer.
WiiUsauce  +   1003d ago
the guy who wrote these has no idea wtf he's talking about.
WeAreLegion  +   1003d ago
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will sell.

Saints Row IV will sell.

The rest are correct, unless Fast & Furious surprises us. Doubtful though.
yugovega  +   1002d ago
fast and furious over a length of time may actually sell fairly well. due to its low price, lack of games releasing anytime soon, and the new movie coming.
gamer42  +   1003d ago
Umm.. Mario and Luigi is a turn based RPG, just because mario's in it doesn't mean it's a platformer. "They need to get their act in gear, not only with the 3DS but with the Wii U system or else it will be more than just a game that’s a sure fire flop but a console and a once great company." why are you acting like the 3DS is in trouble? It's actually doing pretty darn good and nintendo has made alot of good games on it i.e fire emblem. it's the wiiu that needs better games.
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lilbroRx  +   1003d ago
Indeed, its been the number one selling piece of gaming hardware for a year. If that is doing bad, then what are the PS3 and 360 doing?
Saryk  +   1003d ago
Saint's Row i'll buy on principle, because they are trying something new.
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Venemox  +   1003d ago
What about Fuse?
pixelsword  +   1003d ago
I played that demo, I'm thinking about writing an article about it. Fuse is very clean graphically, and I think that IG will to it's bang-up job in terms of coding and fun, but that game is a total half-@$$ job.

If people don't know what I'm talking about, look for my blog in the next few days, if not sooner.

I shouldn't even blog this since I can write this in a game site.

On a positive note, that Leisure Suit Larry pic looks like Nelvana's old work, like they did in the 80's although I doubt the animation will be as lively as theirs. Maybe Murakami-Wolf's 70's animation... Hmmm...

What, can't an animation buff vent his metaphoric spleen once in a while?
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Mikefizzled  +   1003d ago
Saints Row IV hasn't got anywhere near as much bad press as DmC coming up to its release.
Bonerboy  +   1003d ago
People love Mario games. Parents who definitely arent "review savy" know it will be a "guaranteed safe" game without decapitations, and hookers, and therefore will buy it for their little brats.

My 2 cents...... Anything by Gearbox. Yeah ok, Borderlands was fun albeit repetitive; but everything else they've touched has turned to runny shit. Randy "the twat" Pitchford who STILL hasnt been capable of turning his studio into something worthwhile after this many years is an utter moron and should just close up shop.
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lilbroRx  +   1003d ago
Mario is a character, that stars in games, not a game and this one is a turn based RPG.

RPG's are not for parent's or "brats" as you call them. They are for hardcore gamers.
pixelsword  +   1003d ago
# Bonerboy:

Now I want to decapitate a hooker.

Which game does that?
McScroggz  +   1003d ago
To me a flop has to have some hype or anticipation of decent sales to qualify. Three of the games listed are games few have heard of and will not sell anything, so I can't exactly call a game that's likely bad a flop if it doesn't sell.

Dream Team is a RPG, and if you did any research not only would you know that, but you would also know that the 3DS is selling more than any other console (home or handheld) and that games, especially with the Mario brand, almost always sell well on it.

The Saints Row games have averaged about 2 mil sold on each console they've appeared on, so it's possible it could be a flop.

Something like Fuse might be a flop because it's coming from a very well-respected studio and looks like it will be good, but it wouldn't shock me if it didn't sell well despite possibly good critical scores.
THESHAUNZY  +   1003d ago
What about the next Xbox?
Knushwood Butt  +   1003d ago
Bayonetta 2

Does it even have a 2013 release window?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1003d ago
Once I got to Mario&Luigi this person lost all credibility.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   1003d ago
I'm definitely looking forward to SR4, but I can definitely see it flopping. A lot of folks are upset about it.
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PopRocks359  +   1003d ago
Okay, who's the uneducated moron who wrote this article?

"It’s not the fact that the game isn’t set around Mario that makes this fly under the radar; it’s the fact that it is the same platformer style that gamers have grown to hate Nintendo for."

What ill researched and blatantly dishonest drivel! Mario & Luigi is NOT a platformer. It's a turn based RPG with some platforming elements. Furthermore, the game doesn't center on Lugi, the gameplay is just reliant on jumping into Luigi's dreams AS Mario.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   1003d ago
How dare you guys for giving Mario the world and leaving Luigi just a mansion.

Saints Row 4 looks pretty fun with aliens and being president.
ArtificiallyYours  +   1002d ago
Do the exact opposite of what this list tells you to do...
MasterCornholio  +   1002d ago
I hate to say this (since i loved the first one) but i believe that Bayonetta 2 will be a fantastic game but it will flop horribly in sales even worse than the first one did and due to where their fanbase is.

Sucks that both Vanquish and Bayonetta flop in sales even though they are still fantastic games to play.
JohnApocalypse  +   1002d ago
I don't think SRIV and Mario will flop, the rest I can see
chikane  +   1002d ago
well if this truns out to be true about gt6

(Qoute)All of the cars and tracks from Gran Turismo 5 will be retained in GT6. But notable additions to the line-up of historic cars, road cars and the latest race cars, brings the total car list to 1200 at launch(Qoute)

then i say gt6 will be a flop. even one standard car in gt6 mean it flop hard ...

think on why i say that ...
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bunfighterii  +   1002d ago
Sadly I agree. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions until after the official announcement but the early 'reports' make it seem like an expansion not a sequel.

The next true GT game will be on PS4.
Mathew9R   1002d ago | Spam
bunfighterii  +   1002d ago
I hadn't even heard of any of those games, except Saints Row.
axerated  +   1002d ago
i watched a saints row iv demo and while it seemed ridiculously off compared to how it use to be, i'd give it a chance. i like gta, i like prototype; seems like some weird-ass bastard lovechild of the two... not saying it'll be good, but fun maybe...
TheGrimBunny  +   1002d ago
interesting article.

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