The Strange Dissonance Between the Defiance TV Series and Game's Dave Walsh took a look at both the Defiance videogame and television series over the weekend to take a closer look at how well both properties blend together. The end result was inevitable; the show's narrative style does not lend itself to a straightforward shooter, even if it is a good one.

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Temporary2042d ago

I dont think this game will last very long ... but thats just me. It didnt hold my interest at all, and I was anticipating its release.

dvewlsh2042d ago

Yeah, the show has a lot more potential to continue on, but I'm not sure that fans will keep playing this game for that long or that we'll see any sort of sequel ever.

glennco2042d ago

I think the TV show will die as well. It is just boring and feels like all the other recent post apocalyptic TV shows that lasted 1 season. This is one show I don't mind if it gets cancelled.

dvewlsh2042d ago

It [somehow] already got picked up for a second season.

So it will last at least another season.