What to Expect from Sony's Gran Turismo Event

Push Square: "Sony’s set to shine its headlights on the future of the Gran Turismo franchise tomorrow. The platform holder, tailed by a procession of high-profile automotive manufacturers, will descend on the legendary British race course Silverstone in order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the simulation series. The event should hopefully put the brakes on a number of rumours regarding the future of the brand, while simultaneously giving us a glimpse at what the coming years will hold for PlayStation’s most popular property. But with the preparatory wheels already in motion behind-the-scenes, what news should you expect over the next 24 hours?"

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ZodTheRipper2041d ago

Cross-platform GT6 release this year and everyone's happy. Can't wait to see how GT6 will improve upon GT5.

claudionmc2041d ago

Graphics improvement, physics improvement, environment improvement, car impact improvement and no "standard" cars. Then everyone will be happy ;)

WickedLester2041d ago

I will be happy if it is offered on PS4! ;-)

steve30x2041d ago

Thats where you are wrong. A lot of people I know enjoy the standard cars as much as the premium cars.

claudionmc2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

steve, even when we enjoy almost every car in the game, a "Standard" GT5 car is not worthy of a 2013 racing game, and even less a next-gen game

GuyThatPlaysGames2041d ago

Just what I wanna race, mini-vans lol

ZodTheRipper2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

I think those are all guaranteed points on a GT6 :)

steve30x2040d ago

Thats the opinion of a minority. A lot of people want those standard cars but not many variants of each car because some of those cars are almost identical with a different name

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rick1woller2040d ago

decent music for starters


Is it going to be streamed live?

Me-Time2041d ago

an official video will be made available who knows when. the event has had no specific time set at this point in time.

SDF Repellent2041d ago

Hopping it will be on PS3 so I can at least get the chance to play it.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2040d ago

This game has to release on the ps4

assassin2k2040d ago

A Gran Turismo game on Vita could really turn heads. Polyphony Digital have always shown they know exactly how to push the bar when it comes to graphics and physics. If they create a full experience on the Vita I'm confident with the right marketing it could give the Vita a massive boost. Personally I doubt it will be PS4...Polyphony take their time with development, and no GT game has been released early in a console cycle. I salivate at the possibility of raising the bar on Vita graphics. If they can improve the career structure of GT5 and get anywhere near the level of graphical fidelity it will be amazing! Given the decreased pixels and smaller screen on the Vita it's not inconceivable that the graphics can hit near PS3 levels. Despite the lack of structure in GT PSP I doubt anyone expected the game to look that good on the limited hardware.

On another note rather interestingly the poll at the bottom is 63% for a Vita version too.