God of War: Ascension Multiplayer: DLC, Primordial Weapons Today

Posted by Aaron Kaufman // Community Strategist, Santa Monica Studio -

Champions, with eight glorious weeks of God of War: Ascension Multiplayer now etched into the stones of Olympus, it’s time to look ahead to what the Oracle has seen in our future. It’s also time to see what the community has achieved thus far — see the infographic along the side of this post

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ZodTheRipper1618d ago

New weapons, new armors, new maps - awesome :D

Sam Fisher1618d ago

Theres nothing primordial about these weapons and armor...

Rhezin1618d ago

release some single player DLC dammit. SEE!? this is the bs that ensues when you put multiplayer in a single player game. Armor DLC.....

The primordials would've made good enemies of kratos in another GOW installment. BRING BACK DAVID JAFFE! Or Cory Balrog even....

Game0N1618d ago

GOW multiplayer is amazing dude. single player is over get over it.

trenso11618d ago

Is it worth getting this game still? Do people still play online?