75 Hottest Cosplay Girls

This is a list article on Arcade Sushi featuring 75 of the hottest cosplayers dressed up as video game characters ranging from Gears of War's Alex Brand to Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7. They may be ranked, but each girl is #1 in our hearts.

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shinobi892016d ago

And yes, the separate pages sucks and we apologize for that. But each girl is beautiful and does a great job so we thought they deserved their own page.

ltachiUchiha2016d ago

Yup they all win in my book lol.

ltachiUchiha2016d ago

Tifa for ff7 for the win.

nolander642016d ago

If they make a sequel called the 75 Hottest Cosplay Guys, I'm out.

Eldyraen2016d ago

Would still be better than top 75 creepiest male cosplay... barely.