DUST 514 Arrives on PSN, Is It Really That Different From Beta?

Earlier this morning, CCP officially took DUST 514 out of beta and released the game into the wild.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter has spent a lot of time in beta testing, so why take the game out of beta now?

Has anything really changed from beta to release? FPS General takes a look to find out.

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rasputiny2039d ago

yeah - bad move! If it was PC I'd totally be on board.

ahamling272039d ago

I know Sony's the publisher, which is why it's exclusive to PS3, but I can't help but think that they could reach a much wider audience having this game on Xbox, and I don't even own one, I only have a PS3. But I didn't buy my PS3 for shooters, and I know there a ton of Xbox players that play shooters almost exclusively.

Anyway, I'll definitely give it a shot soon. I know absolutely nothing about EVE but it looks like fun.

Minato-Namikaze2039d ago

Just as many people play shooters on the ps3 as they do the xbox. Being MP doesnt exactly mean the the game is gonna reach a wider audience. A Good game will reach a wide audience no matter if its on 1 platform or 6.

Emilio_Estevez2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

"Let's just say that with Sony at least they have policies that allow us to build the game the way we want,"

Also, I know nothing of EVE besides what people have told me in the game, but I still like DUST.

Mr-SellJack2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

u sure?ps3 has most BF3 players as this game is complex very few would enjoy on xbox

MysticStrummer2039d ago

DUST 514 wouldn't gain much by going to 360. It would gain by going to PC though.

Emilio_Estevez2039d ago

It would do better on the 360 imo....The problem with a PC release is they'd be eating into their own playerbase of EVE. Something they said they would not do. They want it to be a companion of EVE and not a competitor for it's players.

MysticStrummer2039d ago

I just don't think it's the type of shooter that would do well on 360. I don't think it will do well on PS3 either, by the way.

Godmars2902039d ago

EVE has what, a million or so users? Now they've got an "EVE-lite" on a platform which has 70 million.

If they only pick up twice as many EVE uses then they have now, people who are actively paying into their universe, they're likely going to be very happy.

cyguration2039d ago


I don't play EVE but if it were on PC I would play DUST.

One is a commerce-based sci-fi space exploration game, the other is a straight-through customizable twitch-based MMOFPS.

You couldn't be more wrong about DUST cannibalizing EVE given that they are two completely different demographics, especially with the latter catering toward older, economically driven gamers and the former catering toward younger, action-oriented gamers.

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Godmars2902039d ago

Its not on XBL because:

1) XBL paywall.
2) MS would have issues allowing for cross gaming on PSN, a restriction which would impact the game as a whole. Divide what's suppose to be direct access to an active "real" universe.

ginsunuva2039d ago

Microsoft didn't want it. This game was originally multiplat.

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Drainage2039d ago

its a bad game, non-ps3 gamers are not missing much. unless they updated haevily since beta, its a poor mans BF3 with a future setting but with normal guns so no future settings just background space ships

Conzul2039d ago

The graphics got an overhaul, but gameplay is dreadful.

DigitalAnalog2038d ago

Does BF3 have another game that can literally affect the game?