Joe Biden Looking to Create Tax on Violent Video Games

Biden believes that a tax on violent entertainment would be a lawful and smart move to combat violence in America.

Even though there are legal precedents to discourage this course of action, should this idea gain any traction?

Explore and see why this is a terrible idea for not only the industry but the country as a whole , and why it would not work.

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PopRocks3592039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Oy. Another one of these scams? It was crap like this that made me dislike Hillary Clinton, among other staff members of the American government.

EDIT: @yesmynameissumo and Donnieboi

No kidding, right? Why not tax rated R movies or death metal music? While we're at it, let's charge anyone who drops an F bomb. Like the silver age! That will save the kiddies for sure!

JBSleek2039d ago

You're not going to agree with all of a politician's ideals even if you like them.

This is likely a response that when something happens in America people want results fast and usually those results are not well thought out and likely idiotic.

Yi-Long2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

.... OK, let's start taxing the hell out of The Bible! Pretty sure that's got a lot of violence in it.

Why stop there!? Let's tax religion! Because unlike videogames, religion has absolutely been proven to cause hate, intolerance and violence!

What an incredible dumb and shortsighted 'idea', and it's disrespectful towards the people who make (violent) videogames/movies/comics, who play/watch/read (violent) videogames/movies/comics, and most of all it's disrespectful towards the victims of these horrendous crimes, because it seems the actual problem that exists in our society still isn't being dealt with in a serious matter, because people like this reverend and Biden still prefer to go after scapegoats, instead of adressing the actual causes...

dcbronco2039d ago

I don't think they should tax the bible, I think they should ban it. Video games have a long, long way to go to catch the number of people killed by christians.

Right now the score is untold millions to none in favor of video games.

brettski2039d ago

No, it's a power grab by liberals jumping in a tragedy. This is typical.

Captain Qwark 92039d ago

i would be pretty upset, i like violent games, death metal, and r rated movies lol id be screwed

Pushagree2039d ago

These are our choices. Dumb and Dumber. Vote 3rd party.

zeal0us2039d ago

Taxing violent games will solve everything because we all know little Timmy's mom won't buy the next Call of Duty game if it being taxed /s

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yesmynameissumo2039d ago

Better tax the shit out of Hollywood then.

Donnieboi2039d ago

^ Exactly this. If they don't tax hollywood, then they can't tax the gaming industry. Especially when the gaming industry has a similar age rating system to that of movies. Heck, at least we put our rating on the front of the box, with an even more detailed description on the back. Movies only put their rating/description on the back.

xamtheking2039d ago

What if he taxes only AO, and not Mature, games?

ApolloTheBoss2039d ago

AO rated games are banned in the US anyway.

SuicidalTendencies2039d ago

No they aren't. It's just that most stores won't sell them. You can still get them online.

Captain Qwark 92039d ago


yeah but most people dont make them because stores wont sell them. its financial suicide

soulpatchadams2039d ago

Freedom of speech $5.99 isle 5, red white and blue light special!

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