Should Microsoft Throw Away Vista?

Advice.cio writes:

"Throw Vista away. That's what my colleagues at our fellow IDG publication InfoWorld have now argued that Microsoft should do. Give it a dignified resting place, as a stepping-stone OS, and come up with a replacement that's more sensible for enterprise IT. There is historical precedent in the consumer OS space for such a move; look at Windows ME and how it became a footnote in Microsoft history.

"Microsoft should toss Vista in the trash, as the company did with Windows Millennium eight years ago, then issue a Windows XP Second Edition (as it did with Windows 98 eight years ago) that capitalizes on some of Vista's key benefits. Then the company should focus on Windows 7, rather than keep trying to push Vista down unwilling customers' throats. If that's too radical, how about doing an XP Second Edition while also continuing to rework Vista?" writes InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman, who created a petition that 100,000 people have now signed asking Microsoft to save Windows XP."

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mighty_douche3922d ago

Only if they're gonna give you your money back. Or maybe a free up-grade to Window 7.

znu3922d ago

with vista requirements will it even fit in a garbage can?

decapitator3922d ago

Yes and then make XP better.

mighty_douche3922d ago

No, just take the time and make the next one work. They couldn't go backwards, Steve Jobs will point and laugh childish *he he*

decapitator3922d ago

Thats also good. But I prefer if they made XP better and then the next one EXCELLENT.

Boldy3922d ago

Why would they give up Windows Vista. I fail to see what is wrong with Vista. Unless you actually have Vista, then you cannot complain about how bad it is (even though there is nothing to complain about, unless you run it on a crap computer). Vista is working perfectly fine on my computer with absolutley no problems what-so-ever.

xplosneer3922d ago

I have vista..premium. It's not bad exactly, it's just not GOOD. There's not enough.

Blitzed3922d ago

My problem is not with Vista, it's with the lack of support from 3rd party spftware. I have software critical to me that does not (and seems will not anytime soon) support Vista. I just bought another laptop (high end) and had to stick with XP, so it has nothing to do with running 'a crap computer'.

Boldy3922d ago

Software really needs to start making a shift towards Vista. Obviousley at some point XP is going to be left behind so software companies should begin to add vista support. Although I have not ran into any problems with any software that I run on my computer, I'm sure there are others that do like Blitzed.

So apparently the problem with Vista is not towards Microsoft, it's because software developers are not developing things that are compatible with Vista.

Then why is everyone blaming MS for the problems with Vista???

Blitzed3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Its not as easy as just supporting Vista though. Support for Vista from 3rd party software requires more than a little patch. Should they allocate resources to upgrade their software only to send it out for free; or should they charge for it? How can they justify potentially angering their user base by charging for an upgrade to simply support Vista? They can't. They would have to create a significant upgrade to entice their user base to take the leap. They could do this with the next version of their software, but they would then be potentially losing sales to those who stayed with XP (like me) to run their previous version, or forcing them to overhaul their system to move to a new OS. Now, if that user base was screaming for it, of course they would do it; unfortunately for MS, thats not happening and some companies have said "no thank you."

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Jack Bauer3922d ago

i still have yet to find out what is wrong with vista... i use it, it is fine...

Mikelarry3922d ago

here my vista does what i want no problems

resistance1003922d ago

Apart from the fact its so slow even when i have decent spec's way above the recomended, the fact it crash's on me daily, the fact even after installing SP1, it now runs even slower. The fact i had to purchase a new printer.. and i could go on. Sure once these problems are fixed it will be a good OS, however after 5 years of development and still have all these problems isn't good enough IMO. and SP1 didn't help any of them.

The moment Apple release a blu-ray Mac-book im buying in

hamsterfist3921d ago

Resistance I have had none of those problems. My only problem with Vista is all the annoying pop ups asking me if I am sure I want to do something, then asking me again. Retarded. Also Vista seems to really limit your choices, and what you are allowed to do.

BigKev453922d ago

Vista is good, no problems.

mighty_douche3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Play games?

I get about 20% more performance from XP, thats a problem. For me anyway.

jaja14343922d ago

I play Crysis with 37 average on High to Very High(mostly just High) setting on a 750ish$ PC running Vista. So yes I play games on it and it runs them fine. Though I still think DX10 is overrated.

Shaka2K63922d ago

alot of microsuck products are failing.

xbug 180
xbug lagive
internet explorer 8
hd dvdead
microsoft games always sucks and fail to score AAA.

that synk that ford uses in their cars made by microflop, lmao ford and micrflop working together talk about both companies full of fail.

Bnet3433922d ago

Did you just say Ford fails? Holy sh*t you need a lesson in car history ......

Pain3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

lolM$ .

For the Kids or reading 1's post, Ford took a HUGE SACK of $$$ from M$ to help keep it above the Red
and hat was M$'s second attempt to Infect the Car industry.

and Yes Ford dose suck, well everthing but is Super/Heavy work Trucks, the only thing Ford makes thats
making Profit.


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