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Official PlayStation Magazine UK #84 June preview

Official PlayStation Magazine UK issue #84 is available now. Handy Tips.info presents a full scores and features preview so you know exactly what page you want to read first when you buy it. Killzone: Shadow Fall is featured on the cover with an extensive look at it inside. There is an article on Diablo III makes dungeon crawling cool again. There are previews of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Witcher 3, Thief and Battlefield 4 for PS4. Reviews of Injustice Gods Among Us, Thomas Was Alone and Star Trek which claims it’s more borked than Borg. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

arbitor365  +   686d ago
badass cover
thechosenone  +   686d ago
Only a few more weeks to go.
Mathew9R   686d ago | Spam
Sevir  +   686d ago
So Gameinformer scores an infamous:second son cover story and OPM UK scores the Killzone cover, I wonder if IGN will score Knack or Driveclub
JW1080  +   686d ago
I don't know about any of you guys but I miss this magazine. I was bummed out when they stopped it in the US. Then they gave all current subscribers PC Gamer for the remainder of their subscription. I cancelled right away after that. I thought they entirely stopped the magazine. Surprised to see they still make them for UK. Bad ass cover by the way. He looks pissed off man!
stuntman_mike  +   686d ago
you would still be able to buy the uk one digitally from where ever you are in the world. i highly recommend it.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   686d ago
how much are yearly subscriptions for the digital OPM?
stuntman_mike  +   685d ago
It costs £27.99 a year on google play uk. Im not sure what the conversion will be for where ever your at, it may be cheaper?
Pintheshadows  +   686d ago
The UK version still sells very well.
Sevir  +   686d ago
You can buy the magazine on Itunes or Google Play
I subscribed digitally today. It's pretty good, m reading the KZ:Shadow Fall cover story.
Thantalas  +   685d ago
You can get the new issue for free on iOS
It's a solid mag. The great thing about the rise in tablets & smartphones is that you don't have to pay expensive importation prices.

Future are currently giving away the new issue for free. Just install the OPM UK app from the iTunes store and download the issue.


Google Play

GABRIEL1030  +   686d ago
Nice cover!
R3DRAIN89  +   686d ago
Uk has OPM , i thought they were discontinued?
Fergusonxplainsall  +   686d ago
Killzone:SF will be the first game i play on PS4. I want a poster like that, when i pre-order.

Hurry up E3!
bobtheimpaler  +   685d ago
I am so hoping this game turns out much better than KZ3. Tonally, it's looking that way from the demo at least.

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