Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Exclusives Not so Exclusive

So the exclusive offers are not so exclusive after all. Both Game Stop and Best Buy were offering supposedly exclusive codes.

Game Stop's exclusive offer, a code to unlock the Comcast Optimized MLG map if you pre-order the game. You would think being exclusive there would be this one time longer then you want to enter code in the market place to unlock this map but the code is as simple as entering in "Comcast Faster" from the Main Menu from within the game. Not exclusive at all.

For the not so much Exclusive Code for the Best Buy offer for the Unlockable Assault Rifle is no more then a cheat code as follows: at the Main Menu (Hold RB) Down, Down, Up, Up, X, B, X, B, Y, Up, Up, Y


Another FREE map available from UBISOFT!

Streets Map

How to get it: From the games main menu….

Select ‘Extras’
Select ‘Exclusive Content’
At this point and if you have not already done so you will be required to ‘link’ your gamertag

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THC CELL3922d ago

4 you ps3 gamers its down,down,up,up,square,circle, square,circle,triangle,up,up,tr iangle

gnosis3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I just came here to ask that, thanks!

[Edit] Make sure to hold down R1 :o)

sovietsoldier3922d ago

bad for people who pre-ordered, but great for who didnt!

The Fungus3922d ago

Did anybody think this wouldn't happen? How would they keep the codes registered to the discs?

I realize that it's easy to read and believe, but sometimes you have to use common sense. No offense intended towards anybody, but you MUST'VE seen this coming.

Bleucrunch3922d ago

I bought the limited edition for nothing.....dam!

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