Fallout 4 conjecture from strange occurrences

Product-Reviews writes: Fallout 4 is back on the lips of gamers this week after a few notable changes by Bethesda, and these include some new items on the official store and the Fallout 3 trailer being uploaded to YouTube again after many years.

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danswayuk1676d ago

Why would the Fallout 3 trailer be uploaded to YouTube again after years? Something is up, anyone looked for hidden hints?

000011676d ago

i noticed this yesterday, and was waiting for someone to write about it. i can only think this means some news about fallout 4..

Blacktric1675d ago

They already revealed on Twitter that they were switching to the new channel layout on YouTube and realized Fallout 3 trailer was missing, so they just reuploaded it.

Games4ever1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

We need Fallout 4. So give it to us!

TheOwnmaster1675d ago

Id play the hell outta some fallout 4

1675d ago