Ted Price "Confident" Gamers Will Enjoy Fuse's Campaign

Fuse is centered on the concept of four-player co-op, but Insomniac Games boss Ted Price says players should also thoroughly enjoy the engaging campaign.

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ltachiUchiha2040d ago

It may not look like all that but im confident that it will be alot of fun if ppl give the game a chance. Resistance fall of man was one of my favorite shooters this gen & I hope they can bring that magic back with fuse.

linkenski2040d ago

The gameplay felt smooth and satisfying when i tried the demo, but i fear there might be too much story when the story is not actually that good to begin with. Do it fully or don't do it at all.

RuleofOne343 2040d ago

In 14 days we will all know if good or bad. till then cant wait.