Review: Black Rock Shooter: The Game (DarkZero)

"Recently, it seems that both of Sony’s handhelds have served as a primary source for Anime-inspired videogames. The PSP continues to enjoy digital success with the localization of titles like Corpse Party, while the Vita’s most arguably relevant exclusive remains Persona 4: Golden. Both handhelds continue to pump out Anime-inspired releases such as Fate/Extra and Fate/Stay Night (on PSP and Vita, respectively), and with Western developers no longer showing interest on PSP and hesitant to commit anything to the slow-selling Vita, this may yet be the case for some time, to the delight of Otakus and the detriment of everyone else. This current trend continues with the Western release of Black Rock Shooter, an Anime-offshoot with a relatively interesting back-story behind its conception."

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