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GTA SA' s Gang War will Return To GTAV?

Rockstar confirmed the return of the Ballas and Grove Street Families "gangs" in GTAV , as we have seen their colors and their gang members in the last 3 trailers and screenshots , and nothing noticed about Vagos . (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

ltachiUchiha  +   808d ago
I think it will but seems like rockstar is trying to push it even further to have a little bit of everything in gta v. Looks promising.
claud3  +   808d ago
Wait this is meant too be completely new info... How sad has it got to report on things we already know
Themba76  +   808d ago
i didn't know that I thought they would get rid of the gang war because of the characters themselves are much older now. they aren't like around cj's age.
ComBaTs0uL  +   808d ago
Franklin is about cj,s age maybe it will be an activity for him.
Bathyj  +   808d ago
I wish theyd bring back the game mechanic from GTAII where if gang A hated Gang B and you killed Gang B, Gang A would give you work but opportunities with Gang B would dry up, but Gang C might stay neutral. If was a real cool rock paper scissors thing and it let you in effect choose your own alliances and job paths.
TwistedMetal  +   807d ago
yeah they need to bring that type of stuff back as well as rampages and gangs fighting each other in the streets. best part of old gta's is seeing gangs start fighting each other. did gta 4 have gangs? like the hatians and cholos and stuff?
Bathyj  +   807d ago
I dont think so, but the game was so forgettable for me I cant be sure.

If you made a list of all the things they left out of GTAIV youd have a very long list. I'm really hoping GTAV returns the series to form. I'm pretty sure it will.
NarooN  +   808d ago

I had no idea they were gonna be in the game. Somehow this has made me more interested in this game...
majdees  +   808d ago
I hope that they change activities depending on the character you are playing with. This would make it huge!
SuperK  +   808d ago
I hope so! San Andreas was so much fun!
Iltapalanyymi  +   807d ago
would be really fucking awesome. i would like to spray some tags too.
ApolloTheBoss  +   807d ago
Yes. Can't wait to kick some Balla *ss
Tonester925  +   807d ago
I remember going to The Jungle with my brothers and friends ganging up on all the kids in the Ball Cage yelling Grove Street than throwing the balls at them.

Man that was a great time in my life.

Grove Street Forever!
mike32UK  +   807d ago
When R* released the 3 character trailers, what i got from those was that they were trying to fuse everything from San Andreas, Vice City and GTA IV into one game. Which to me looks fantastic! I wasn't at all excited for this game until they released those trailers.
isarai  +   807d ago
I don't know about that, Franklin wants to get out of the gang and do something bigger than petty crime. though i'm sure there will be gang related missions and possibly activities i doubt he'd want to go so deep into it as to take part in turf wars. Then again i only know as much as R* will tell me so it could be in there somewhere
maccas08  +   803d ago
R.I.P. ballas 2004- 2013 died in the release of gta 5

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