Castlevania Dev: ‘We’re Still Not Fully Exploiting The Current Gen’

X360: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 is arriving during the Xbox 360′s twilight, but producer David Cox believes there’s still a lot to be exploited despite the looming next-gen consoles.

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richierich1621d ago

How many Devs are going to keep saying this

Dailynch1621d ago

I know, right? We all know the next-gen is going to be amazing, stop trying to convince us you game coming out on current consoles will even be able to compete. Still, Castlevania looks good, though.

Majin-vegeta1621d ago

Cuz you sure know more about the the hardware than the people who work on it *Rolls eyes*.

I love when N4G people all of a sudden become *TECH EXPERTS"and claim to know more than DEVS.

abzdine1621d ago

nothing wrong with what they said. apart from Sony first party studios no other dev has maxed it out yet.

ltachiUchiha1621d ago

Its true though. I still believe they can push these current gen hardwares even more but it is about the right time to release a new system but I agree with the dev.

vishmarx1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

i believe we will see similar graphics(somewhat comparable)for a year atleast...
los2 looks amazing for a multiplat

1621d ago
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