Lords Of Shadow 2 dev Mercury Steam on why Castlevania ‘needed a change’

Edge:Little is known about the forthcoming sequel to MercurySteam’s Castlevania reboot, save that series anti-hero Gabriel Belmont – AKA Dracula – will spend his time flitting back and forth between ancient Transylvania and a modern city built on the ruins of Dracula’s castle.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2041d ago

Im looking forward to this a lot. It's one of teh last games im buying for 360 this year. I hope this shows up at E3 as well.

Retroman2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

anyone know or heard "Mercury steam" next project is CONTRA for ps3 or ps4??? awhile back Mercury S. announced they would like to take on CONTRA after lord of the shadow 2

Smashbro292041d ago

Please just let Kojima make these games. Enough God of Castle. Give me Castlevania please.

zeal0us2041d ago

Castlevania with stealth elements because we all that /sarcasm. Given that Kojima couldn't get MG:R done without the help of another studio,Platinum Games, I doubt he could do a Castlevania game.

Don't get wrong Kojima is a great developer but it doesn't mean he should just start making/taking over certain games because a small minority of gamers want him to.

zerocrossing2040d ago

I think Smashbro29 means "Ayami Kojima" not "Hideo Kojima"

TuxedoMoon2041d ago

I miss the bad ass music and art style from Ayami Kojima. I liked Lords of Shadow a lot, but the music and ending battle against SATAN kinda killed it for me. The music was generic and expected with very very few tunes tied to the original Castlevania games.

Inception2040d ago

Yeah me too. That gothic art style from Ayami Kojima are one of the best Castlevania trademark. Just comparing Alucard in SotN with Alucard in Mirror of Fate, Alucard in SotN is far better than the fake Alucard in Mirror of Fate.

TongkatAli2041d ago

3DS game was such a turd compared to the DS games. I didn't play it, but compared to the bright colorful artistic epic music of DS games to the extremely ugly 3D models with more brown and grey then Call Of Duty games.

yeahokchief2041d ago

I like BOTH the oldschool 2d games and the new lords of shadow franchise.

Very happy they are doing this sequel to let us play as dracula in the future. its going to be badass. can't wait.

yeahokchief2041d ago

that said, a new 2d castlevania game on the vita would be killer too.

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